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Americans are ready to engage in the problem of stray dogs in Romania : the solutions proposed by one of the largest associations in the world

Original Source - Wall Street Romania.

by Alex Goagea , September 23, 2013 only

Sterilization in place of " mass murder " shelters adjacent towns , discussions over a decade with the Romanian authorities on the issue of stray dogs - without any purpose because of local bureaucracy . A major organization in the U.S. with operations on several continents , is ready to be actively involved in solving a national impasse and Wall -Street.ro , given the magnitude and social importance, not only of the subject, came into direct contact American officials .

Humane Society International, one of the world's largest animal protection associations , sent a letter to the President of Romania, Sorin Oprescu asking them to reconsider the decision regarding the catching and then , if necessary, euthanasia of stray dogs in Bucharest.

"HIS is ready to assist Romania in human management of the street dog population ," said the letter to the president and mayor Andrew Rowan , CEO and President of the American Association (photo) . "We received a lot of emails from people who are concerned about the recent decision of the Romanian Parliament to allow mass killing of stray dogs in Romania . We are very worried about the situation , especially as Romania , as an EU member , has taken a decision that defies street dogs ethical practices of management . Killing stray dogs is inhumane and ineffective , " said the association's executive director , involved in programs to reduce dogs on the streets and in countries like Bhutan , India , Mauritius and the Philippines.

At the end of the letter, the Government advocates HSI to reconsider the law and leave the organization to deal with the implementation of an effective program of sterilization and vaccination " would create a harmonious environment for both people and dogs in Bucharest ."

Following international media exposure of the subject, but the social implications of economic problem of stray dogs , Wall- Street.ro spoke with CEO Humane Society International to find out, in detail , how the program would be supported if Andrew Rowan knows or reality (sometimes cruel ) on the streets of Bucharest and why they are opposed to the implementation of a law , after all , is similar to that in the U.S. and other countries considered civilized world.

Indeed , the law proposed by Romania on solving the problem of stray dogs is similar and even gentler than the U.S. . There , the law stipulates that once stray dogs captured a stray dog it is held seven days in captivity , during which you can redeem rightful owner may be adopted by someone else if the dog becomes law , the new owner or , if it is bought is " destroyed " ( destroyed - in original) in a manner that would cause as little suffering.

Then why should Romania to make discordant note ?

Humane Society International Organization says that from their experience , " specially designated shelters " in countries with huge population of stray dogs quickly become extremely overloaded and a considerable " suffering for dogs imprisoned in this way ."

" In the U.S. , the flow of dogs brought to shelters is much lower and much higher adoptions . In Bucharest , where it is highly unlikely that many citizens to come and adopt dogs adoptions because culture is virtually nonexistent , keeping dogs for 10 days would cause them much stress before being killed ( it is unclear how the city plans to kill 100,000 dogs ) "highlights the organization's CEO .

In other words , the shelters are , he says, sentenced to death and , moreover, conditions there are very poor .
Sterilized not bite or kill ?

The second problem posed by Wall -Street.ro official organization that proposes sterilization and vaccination instead of shelters and euthanasia was that dog , even wormed , neutered , all you dirt streets , may bite will inspire fear and so on.

Answer promptly , was that if their solution will be adopted in 12 months could address the public health dangers , " but we need leadership and commitment from city officials to arrive at these results and sustain a program that will end the dangers packs " .

Although a neutered dog can bite , they collected data from around the world indicate that a dog is neutered and vaccinated " much less inclined to the bite ."

"We agree that the subject of bullying stray dogs is not treated with the seriousness with which we should - and here we include the U.S.. Number of dog bites treated in emergency rooms in the U.S. ( and the UK and the Netherlands) are about 100 citizens per 100,000 / year. This statistic is considered " normal " and " acceptable " by the authorities, but results in some cities (eg Calgary , Canada) , who had a strong proactive stance against bullying dogs , amending the human owners of dogs , indicates the rate faptulc bites treated in hospitals can drop to 10 per 100,000 people / year , or even less, " exemplifies Andrew Rowan .

He goes on to say that in Jaipur , India , where the organization takes care of sterilizing stray dogs in the past 15 years , the number of bites per hundred thousand people fell from 700 to below 200 . Sterility , consider the CEO of the organization, eliminate mating behavior , a major source of aggression .
When last seen the reality of the streets ?

As a citizen of Bucharest , going good distance away, sometimes through violent pack , I was curious to find out from Andrew Rowan when was the last time in Bucharest and had to go through stray dogs .

As expected, the organization's CEO did not come into the country to see the problem with his own eyes . Instead, the questions answered colleague, Kelly O'Meara who came several times in Romania , talking with government representatives on possible solutions .

Meetings took place over 10 years ago and none of the solutions proposed by Kelly O'Meara were not adopted by the municipality .

She said that in Romania " met the friendliest dogs. Their sole purpose was to interact pleasantly with me , to ask for food . One time, in Sinaia , a group of stray dogs approached me and my team , barking , but gave the tails and proved to be friendly . At that time, HSI, in partnership with local government , developed a plan to create shelters near cities to start satellite mass sterilization and vaccination programs . I even brought the U.S. to train veterinary specialists from Romania and students on procedures . Our intention was to sterilize thousands of stray dogs in 3-5 years. It was a comprehensive plan involving community , government , universities and non-governmental organizations , "says Kelly O'Meara .

Kindly hit U.S. organization but the change of government which suddenly and without any analysis , dropped the plan , sending officials back to the States organization.

" There was a program of " catch and kill ". If our program had been admitted at the time , the population of dogs in the streets of Romania would have been substantially reduced and there were those dogs were sterilized and vaccinated " ending , feeling a wave of frustration , official organization.

How would react if their children would be in danger?

U.S. organization knows the child killed by dogs that led , finally, to move , even cumbersome administrative apparatus of the country and trying to find solutions for stray dogs . U.S. Organization highlights the CEO's voice as " citizens of Bucharest understand anger and their fear . We encourage the Government of Romania to reconsider but problem solving strategy and offered to help us , especially our program of sterilization and vaccination is scientifically proven and already implemented in other countries with success. "

All major NGOs in the world are staring Romania emphasizes , finally, Humane Society International. It received complaints from several organizations in the same activity , including Mayhew International, WSPA , IFAW , RSPCA but also members of the International Companion Animal Management Coalition .

In Bucharest , the first six months of care required over 8,500 people who came to the hospital with dog bites . Romania is the only EU member state that has such problems in magnitude.

Considers that the solutions offered by the organization in the U.S. are right ? Hall officials will listen and , like ten years ago , would reject any international support ? Wall -Street.ro encourages you to comment .

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