Monday, 23 September 2013

Protest Animal lovers in Ploiesti. Message to the mayor: "Go home sick mayor"

Translated from original source here. 

Several dozen animal lovers in Ploiesti gathered Friday afternoon in front of City Hall to protest against the euthanasia of dogs , and against killing stray dogs in the city. Protesters accused the mayor again that is responsible for poisoning animals and asked to go home : " Go home sick mayor " .

About 30 animal lovers are authorized for a two-hour protest on Friday between 16.00 and 18.00 , in the city center before the Administrative Palace . 

The protest started on the wrong foot because animal lovers gathered only at 16.30 , and in the passage in front of City Hall was in full swing action for children and young people, very noisy , organized by mall managers that will recently opened in Ploiesti Oborului area . The uproar in the center , which joined the folk music and arrangements coming from Autumn Festival , animal lovers cry quite anemic , have just been heard. Moreover, at that time , the Administrative Palace Ploiesti was not anyone who wishes to hear , given that the program on Friday, the administration is short. " Go home sick mayor " , "Say No to killing ," " Save the guilty guiltless ," " Do not be criminals ," " indifference , incompetence and corruption leads to crime" could be read on the sheets displayed by animal lovers who asked Badescu mayor's resignation again . 

The mayor is accused of " ordering " poisoning dogs in the city, the latest developments of this kind being made even this morning, in several areas of Ploiesti , where it was found dead dog .

Animal lovers in Ploiesti in Ploiesti Animal lovers are dissatisfied by new adoption of shelter from Bucov . To take a dog home, Ploiesti must present a certificate of income or a pension certificate , proof of space and pay taxes vaccination , deworming and sterilization. In addition , a committee that seeks after the adoption of stray dogs taking refuge in the area are shown indeed to be taken. If it is not found or is caught again in the street , the adopter is fined.

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