Monday, 23 September 2013

Massacre on the streets of Austin: 14 strays were found poisoned. Authorities accused of extermination

Translation of original source. 

Ploiesti authorities are accused of animal lovers that have killed several dogs in the city, the poisoned baits. Some stray corpses were found Friday in several neighborhoods in Ploiesti.14 cases of dogs poisoned, according to animal lovers in the city were reported Friday in North districts, the County Hospital Dinner and Bereasca. The animals were found dead the most likely poisoned bait eaten after they have been put to toxic substances. Case is not unique. In June, animal protection organizations in Ploiesti City Hall officials accused of extermination after about 400 dogs and cats by animal lovers calculations, died poisoned. Friday, the day that were reported 14 cases of dogs poisoned animal lovers had scheduled a protest in front of City Hall Ploiesti, the second in recent months. Animal protection organizations called again stopping cruelty and accused the mayor of being responsible for killing dogs found poisoned in the city. Protesters urged to give up law allowing euthanasia of dogs and adoption of less stringent rules. A committee composed of representatives of the municipality and the operator of Pest and vermin investigate cases of dog poisoning. 

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