Monday, 23 September 2013

And they keep on coming : more shocking news from Romania

Reverse of the situation in the case of the death of little Ionut . The cadaver of a dog found nearby, belonged to a dog used in dog fights ( I repeat, dog fights are ILLEGAL in Romania )

The investigators continue to sustain that the dog found ( then ) near the place where the child died was not a fight dog.

Original Source - Antena 3

UPDATE : The investigators took the cadaver of a dead dog from near the place where the tragedy happened. This was a Pit Bull." We have been announced, by a fisherman, that there is the cadaver of a dog in the lake. We have seen it. We called the prosecutor office. They came here to take it and perform the nechropsy. We want to see if there is any connection between it and Ionut ".

"I think the animals has been killed, maybe he lost a fight or maybe he attacked someone" he probably died about three weeks ago " - said Kuki Barbuceanu, from Vier pfoten.

UPDATE : The man who found Andrei and brought him back in the park to his grandmother has been questioned by the prosecutors, as a witness , on Monday. Octavian Sandu declared that he found Andrei on the street, took him back to his grandmother and only then he found out that there was also another child who got lost.

After his identity has been revealed he announced that he will communicate with the media only through a lawyer.

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