Monday, 23 September 2013

Shocking Discoveries in the Romanian Scandal

Original Source - DC News. Translation below. 

Discoveries near Parcul Tei Bucharest, where little Ionut died . The path taken by the the children ( 4 years old Ionut and his 6 years old brother Andrei ) retraced by people, only three days after the tragedy.

The wasteland near Parcul Tei is a place people could not image that a place like this can really exist in a city,let alone the Capital City. The first person who retraced the children' path made some shocking discoveries. Beside 3 m high bushes , rotten cadavers of dead dogs, used syringes , and also most incredible things dumped 200 m from the place Ionut has been found : white gloves and white uniforms full of blood.
Looking for answers, Daniel Tomescu retraced the path only three days after the tragedy. The bushes are very high, the ditch is very very steep. Even the adults who took that path had difficulties and have fallen. Climbing it up was out of question. They continued their walk in the Capital's jungle.

Dangers where everywhere : they could have slipped in the lake, they could have injured themselves while climbing down that steep ditch, they could have touched the poison placed there for the rats, which they found near the lake,, they could have got hurt with the syringes found there, which could have been infected with HIV or Hep.C. A bit higher, very thick trees which keep shade...Would two children take that dark path, after they climbed down that steep ditch ?

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