Saturday, 14 September 2013

Assaulted by Dog Catchers. From

A woman was assaulted by a team of dog catchers, while walking his dog on the block, inform Romania TV. She adopted a stray shortly ago and although have all the right documents for this dog catchers were on the brink to seize and send it to euthanasia. Before, however, the men cursed the owner of the animal and filled her bruises.

The incident took place in the Capital District Camp Road when she came out with the dog on a leash walk. In short, they appeared three pound animal who wanted to confiscate all costs.

"They said they do not care if it's stray dogs took to go find him and do what I want. Booklet I showed them that it adopted, vaccinated, neutered, all right, said not interested, I threw it away, "said the woman assaulted.

She claims that after the dispute pound team, the men began to spit and a curse. Later, they became brutal.
"Because I did not want to let go of the dog, I put his hand under the noose, and the one who said that he got let go or dead," she added.

Men have the animal released the Local Police intervention only after the woman went to the Institute of Forensic Medicine. Forensic experts say that if it gets worse, bruises inflicted by bullies can cause bruising, so she could get even surgery.

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