Saturday, 14 September 2013

Fund Dog Food

From Pro Animals Romania.

Taking into account the situation in Romania now, the only safe dogs are the ones from homes and private shelters. As you can imagine private shelters are full already, our charity has alreay 700 rescued animals so situation is quite hard to provide the needed food as well cover the veterinary costs for those dogs with health problems and cover all the other costs that represent a "must" for running a shelter. But, above all, the main problem remain the food as besides the hundreds of adult dogs, we also have many abandoned puppies as well as we are feeding other dogs from others areas that rely only on our food. So, please, help as you can, share our appeal or/and contribute directly to buy a tone of dry food. With only 8$ we can buy a kg, is the cheapest food and a poor one but it is better then nothing. Here is the Fundraz 

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