Monday, 16 September 2013

Authorities block of FOUR PAWS Stray Animal Care

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The FOUR PAWS Stray Animal Care team access to the veterinary clinic in Bucharest was denied this morning, in which the animal protection organization since April 2013 dogs neutered and treated.

The most recently treated 16 dogs were transferred on Tuesday from FOUR PAWS to the shelter Speranta.

Bucharest / 12.09.2013 Zurich. Despite the now very tense situation in Bucharest, FOUR PAWS is making every effort to continue its use for the stray dogs. The Animal Welfare Inspectorate ASPA (Autoritatea pentru Supravegherea şi Protectia Animalelor) tries FOUR PAWS literally advance the bolt: This morning the Stray Animal Care Team FOUR PAWS access to the veterinary clinic at the Theodor Pallady street in Bucharest has been denied where the organization since April 2013 castrated animals, in agreement with the city of Bucharest. Yesterday ASPA denied that new strays may be brought for treatment in the clinic.

9 September ASPA called the FOUR PAWS team by official letter, to leave the hospital within 24 hours. The reason: Pending final clarification of the situation of stray dogs ASPA solves all agreements that have been agreed with animal welfare organizations. FOUR PAWS spoke up out back that according to agreement must be announced at least 72 hours in advance with the city of Bucharest, solicitation.

The last 16 dogs that were castrated and treated the team, were not, as usual, returned to the street, but on Tuesday in the Romanian supported by FOUR PAWS shelter "Speranta" transferred. There, the organization has since created emergency places for strays.

Veterinarian Dr. Anca Tomescu, who directs the Stray Animal Care in Romania is upset about the procedure: "To date we have received no further explanation of ASPA. The authority is clearly in breach of contract, we have therefore called the police. We will continue to try to come to the clinic -. ASPA has no right to confiscate our equipment "

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