Monday, 16 September 2013

Stray Dogs Wrongly Blamed. DNA did not match the 6 dogs accused of boy's death.

From Occupy For Animals.

Source - DC News 

Senator Marinescu says: "it was a dog trained for fight!"

The investigation regarding the death of the 4 year old, due to dog bites, on Sept, 2 , 2013, in Parcul Tei, revealed shocking details, which can overturn the present supposition, which stipulated that he was mauled to death by 6 stray dogs.

Inside sources declared for DeCe News, that, based on the data obtained until now, the DNA tests - done on the samples collected after the incident, that the wounds inflicted on the little boy, they did NOT find any DNA from those 6 dogs, accused for his death.

Thus, the theory that the little boy was killed by a dog trained for dog fighting, and then his body was placed where he was found, in order to blame the stray dogs, becomes more and more coherent.

Senator Marinescu: there was a dog trained for fight!

Former Senator, Marius Marinescu, President of FPAM, confirmed for DeCe News, this information, citing Police sources.

He also sustains that this hypothesis will be eventually confirmed and the entire hysteria against stray dogs was useless.

"I have sustained from the very beginning, that the little boy was killed by a dog trained for fighting. 

It would have been impossible for the stray dogs to generate all those wounds on his body. 

It would have been impossible, that after such attack, those dogs to be so peaceful, stay quiet and wave their tails. 

Specialist in dog behavior understood from the beginning that those dogs were NOT GUILTY. 

Maybe one of them sniffed the boy while laying on the ground and got stained with blood, but those blood stains on the dog were not the results of biting the child. 

his was a misinformation campaign, to instigate and divide the population. 

At this moment the authorities MUST find the owner of the dog trained for fights, and dragged the little boy to the place where he was found." - declared Mr. Marinescu.

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