Monday, 16 September 2013

Grandmother admits to existence of witness.

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Ionut's grandmother, four-year boy killed by stray dogs , made ​​a stunning disclosure. The old woman, who accompanied the child to the park the day it was torn by dogs, announced the existence of a key witness. A man who is unavailable at this time, according to Romania TV . This young man could bring about the death of Ionut clarification.

 Ionut's grandmother, the boy killed by stray dogs, told them on Friday, prosecutors what happened, Monday, September 2, the day her grandson died. She said that after several minutes from the time they disappeared grandchildren, a young boy appeared with big, Andrei, whom he found near the Bamboo Club. Young is considered the key witness in the investigation, but it is nowhere to be found. The investigators ran without giving statements. Furthermore, a bizarre element emerged during the investigation. Instead they found the body of Ionut, investigators found, in addition to toys two brothers (two water pistols), a new ball, they do not own the boys. Ionut, aged 4 years, was killed by dogs in early September in Bucharest . And his brother, a 6 year old boy was bitten. According to Hall District 2, a tragic incident occurred on private land in the Tei.

Source - RTV 

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