Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Basescu's Short Sighted Ideas.

Dogs understand basics. 
The President of Romania understands nothing.

This article demonstrates the foolish nature of the President of Romania.

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President Traian Basescu says he will promulgate the law on euthanasia of stray dogs have been adopted in 14 days, in its present form. Law is currently before the Constitutional Court, after being attacked by the signatures of 29 Senators. Basescu promulgated without restraint law strays 

 "Now is the CCR (law strays - no) that I know of, as they passed by parliament promulgate it without hesitation, it's what I think should happen. Once you get to a reasonable size dog population can be thought otherwise, but this is a danger, "Basescu said in a press conference. 

The law allows euthanasia or unclaimed stray dogs have been adopted in 14 days when they arrive in shelters was approved on Tuesday by the Chamber of Deputies, the decision forum for the project. It was adopted with 266 votes "for" 23 votes "against" and 20 abstentions. Former senator and lawyer Paula Iacob Marius Marinescu managed to gather the votes necessary to attack the law CCR strays. Unconstitutionality was filed by 29 senators from PP-DD, Liberal, PC, PSD and PDL, including Vochiţoiu Haralambos (PP-DD group leader), Tudor Barbu (PC group leader), Dumitru Pelican (PC) Tariceanu (PNL), John Ghişe (PNL), Catalin Croitoru (PSD), Ovidiu Marius Isăilă (PDL).

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