Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Public Shelter Giurgiu

"Almost 50 people gathered together in front of the public shelter Giurgiu. At the beginning they didn`t allow us to get it, they look the gates so at one point we had to call the mayor about this situation. In the video, you can see the mayor, his position. I think is was a good thing what we accomplish, also is my personal conclusion that there are people(1 person) who keep spreading rumors and hate with the clear intention to manipulate based on words "split and lead" . I must thank to Ewa Parander & the team, Katarina Vallin&Pelastetaan Koirat team, and I wish also to thank to mayor Barbu Nicolae. His position is: we will try to help as much as we can but at thy end we will respect the law. Of course with our support (and YOUR ALL SUPPORT) we ALL try to reduce the effect of the law" Via Magda

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