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Confessions of a Dog Catcher. After The Massacre Dogs Poisoned The Money Braila, A Former Employee Of Horez Tell The Truth:

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"I Kill FURADAN. I Got Sick With Hepatitis Supporting And Collecting Worms Dogs Crushed Cars "

* Now more than five years, the national press reported on how local authorities of Braila decided to solve the problem of stray dogs through an NGO, led by Vasile Horez, former mayoral candidate in the 2004 local elections Brailei * None did not know the true size of the massacre in the city public money *

His name is Tudor Gheorghe Zaharia is the father of two children, and for good reason, it can be said that the last dog catcher in Braila. Now retired, man fight a disease that has ground the body and turned it into a "vegetable" made him impotent. Also China is a difficult and painful punishment, received, as he himself says, the transgressions which he has undertaken in his work "killer dogs". In a low voice, with long pauses between words and tears in his eyes, Tudor Gheorghe told everything that happened in his life, during which he was engaged in the Association for the Protection of Animals and the Environment "Horez".

"I Poisoned And Then Poured Concrete Over Them"

"The headquarters of the Association of Emperor Traian Street No. 7, was given through 2006, when the primary companion Basil Horez Cibu gave a location for a period of 20 years, with the goal of being the administrative headquarters. Which never existed. The renovation of this building, the outer surface of about 100 square meters of employees participated Horez, I personally painted everything. The papers had been made ​​by a team within a company ghost were false receipts and more. Reconstruction cost of 136-138 million was settled by the City's Horez Braila main financier and Dagli, "said former dog catcher.

George spoke of shelter dogs from Salt Lake, around which, over time, there have been many controversies, many voices claiming that civil society in that place dogs care was only one thing on paper: "After this renovation, renovation of the resort followed-Sarat, Behind Railway Station, owned by Basil Horez personal. It was full of junk, almost two meters, was a work Totana, disinfection, two weeks. Work from 6 am until 18 pm, when I was taking. I put a bulldozer, I clean, I burned the weeds. There were no dogs in 36's Dagli, which deals before rendering. The animals were in a deplorable state, I poisoned, I did not euthanasia, and then I buried in a toilet in the background space and then built with concrete, concrete poured over bodies. From the Managing Director Horez poisoning was made by four subordinates: the undersigned, Dan Dragan Dragan tehniciar Titi and a veterinarian's wife Titi Dragan ".

About building shelter from Salt Lake, the man said to have been made by the "Company" workers' association, that the employees work, although in the end the bill was made on the basis of documents that prove that there has provided a specialized company "investment the shelter was physical efforts of employees. "

"The village of swearing, insults, insults, fatigue, stress, bad words addressed to my mother death by Horez, I got tired. He says he euthanized 7,000 dogs. Euthanasia were made around 15-20 Negoita the veterinarian, part-time employee and passing once a week at the shelter on Sunday. Otherwise ii poisoning. Furadan is used to dry put in sausages placed. I was forced to go into areas where people lived in high places in the administration and not to see the dogs, to Horez reproached. From Actuators and we were threatened terminate work, "said former employee of the Association" Horez ".

"Horez Negotiated Poisoning Dogs With Director CET On June Pipes"

Horez's ties with the City Braila are also highlighted by Gheorghe Zaharia, who recalls that the Director Association gave him "small gifts for the holidays or his birthday, Mayor Cibu, but nothing more": "The attentions were mainly for the count, money holder Hall, who was one of the most important. He is also opposed, but the pressure was forced to sign the returns Association, inflated with the compressor pump not. "

Mass poisoning of dogs at CET Braila, out of town, is another issue related to the Association "Horez" which the man said was "a real massacre".

"On April 24, 2007, the day after St. George, in the morning at 8 o'clock, I was forced to climb behind the wheel and take him on Horez, who was intoxicated at Directo's CET. There I went up to the 3rd floor to the Secretariat, which agreed value 6 pipes against this activity poisoning. To defer action, has been calculated value pipes and animal poisoning, but ultimately was decided poisoning. I was there when Horez negotiated with the Director CET poisoning: "Let me as I went to high school." I went to the CET, we were informed that we would have expected given after employees will leave. I waited, I went people Titi Warbler Dragan and one nephew secretary of the association, and poisoned the dogs. The next day I got a call from the director of the CET to go and gather them. I was forced to go with the car in the yard, so that two people could not give that, "he said Tudor.

"We Gather In The Street Dogs Crushed Car Without Any Safety Equipment"

Of all the dogs gather on the streets of Braila, 99% were poisoned, according to former employee of Horez, the difference representing the animals were trapped employees with lasouri made even them, not some purchased and approved.

"We were beaten by men in blocks, booed, threw the flower pots for us, frankly we were afraid to hang out day. I got sick of hepatitis due to worms that we had to see them, to support them. Collected from the streets dogs crushed cars, without any protective gear. It was autumn, cold, and we washed after dogs without having any boots, but we had to clean up the checks stopped coming, sitting in the gate. Thus it controls. Before coming journalists to see the shelter, shelter mounted a pool for bathing dogs, money taken from Hall, "said retiree.

In terms of shelter dogs food, Tudor told how, "at the urging of the Sanitary Veterinary expired products were obtained" from the Billa supermarket "food was not bought, than ten bags of crushed bread Bakery company at a ridiculously low price to make it seem less juice you get at 6 am in Prison Quarantine Street. "

Director of the association was using employees personal purposes, they work, often at his house on the street Rahovei.

"We, the employees, I did Horez's fence on the street Rahovei. I burned the bottle, I scrub brush and then I painted. We walk from Praktiker, acrylic plate for me to his house Horez where figure and an office of the association. Salary, docile is at pub where you were punished with a million if well suited if you well again. Me to terminate the employment of more before I leave, "said former dog catcher.

In 2006 and 2007 were poisoned dogs around 2000, says Tudor: "Some were found and gathered, others entered the bushes came rotting and were taking sanitation companies. Some of the bodies, after the agreement with Caruz, were taken to Km 5, incinerator. Others were thrown into the woods, through channels without bags, the bags may not be recognized. "

Police princes of the Sanitary Veterinary Braila and knew the situation, says the man, but this is done I do not see anything happening, "Those of us knew DSV II poison, too, ends up placed in the police knew . Every two days, I personally went to the chief of police at their home, personal food for their dogs. "

Tudor Gheorghe Zaharia said outside of Furadan for killing dogs, caustic soda was used, and the pistol taken from Dagli, for annihilation. Drugs used syringes was made in Bucharest, this method is used to Promex, where they held "shares massive poisoning".

Cain massacre marked the former employee, remembering now, after he admitted the facts and asked divine forgiveness for his actions inside the shelter, in the two toilets, are the bodies of more than 170 dogs poisoned in brown bags, you get free from Dagli.

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