Saturday, 28 September 2013

Rescued from death row. Looking for a new owner.

Dynamic duo, Wire and Bobita today made good their escape from death row thanks to the heroic efforts of kind hearted rescuer Mihaela Oprea . These two handsome lads were just hours from termination when their heroine agreed to step in. The father and son team are settling in to their new accommodation under her watchful eye and I fully expect them to go from strength to strength until a permanent home can be found. Well done Mihaela. If you think you could provide them with a permanent home, please contact us or mail me at Please remember that these gorgeous boys are just two of the many thousands of desperate dogs suffering in Romania. They all need sponsorship and adoption and your contributions could save their lives. 

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It has been 3 years now that they have taken residence on the streets of Romania. It was a very sad day, when they were both turned out of their family home. If there has ever been an example of a beautiful ‘Father & Son’ relationship, it is truly this one, especially in the canine world. These two wonderful boys have such a great understanding for each other, and they have stayed together throughout the ever-changing seasons. Wire adopted his name as his coat is very coarse, and much like a wired brush. Although he is black and gray in colour, he looks very good for 8 years old. Maybe being neutered keeps him young at heart. Bobita towers over his father, and at the middle age of 5 years, he is a very friendly boy who is currently unneutered. The boys are very approachable, which has helped us to feed them over the years. Considering the food has been regular, they have maintained a healthy appetite, without becoming fussy. Their diet has consisted mainly of bread. You could never meet such a wonderful family, as Wire and Bobita. They play beautifully together, and adore the children of the streets, who cuddle them, and have kept their spirits filled with hope.

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