Monday, 30 September 2013

Disturbing Episode at a Public Shelter.

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Three ladies from Finland, members of the Association of Pro Animals Finland, who came in Targu-Jiu day to discuss Carmena Şerbănoiu representative Pro Animals Romania / Gorj, they were outraged by the way the municipal representatives take care of stray dogs in the shelter Hall. Finns have posted to a social whole unpleasant experience in Targu-Jiu

The three Finnish representatives of Pro Animals Finland Association, Gorj came to discuss with the President Pro Animals Association, Carmena Şerbănoiu about euthanasia measures which the authorities of our country all talk these days. After visiting the shelter Pro Animals, Finns wanted to visit the town hall and public shelter Targu-Jiu, where there are employees who take care of cups urban community. Representatives of Pro Animals Finland went to the municipal shelter accompanied by Carmen Şerbănoiu, but once they are here, they had a nasty surprise: one of the employees paddock seemed to be under the influence of alcohol and asked them countless injuries. Moreover, not even allowed access to shelter. "The ladies came to visit and wanted to go public and shelter. I went, but there Dumitru Tulpan, employee (he was, I think, under the influence of alcohol), we cursed, insulted us, we spoke very ugly. It is the first time you do so. They did not let the ladies from Finland to enter the shelter, he bullied. Danseuse will make a complaint to the mayor, I called the police there at the shelter. Unfortunately, the Dogs had no water and one was sick. I called the vet, but could not save. It is not good that happens, "said Carmena Şerbănoiu President Pro Animals Romania.

They complain to City Hall

Extremely unpleasant experience at the paddock of Targu-Jiu made them the three representatives of Pro Animals Finland to post on a social NGO revealing photos. Also on the same page, Finns have announced that they will send a complaint mayor Florin Cârciumaru invites you to take action: "I went to the local shelter Carmen. (...) A drunk worker not let us go. I called the police. (...) I found a badly injured dog, I took it and I called the shelter veterinarian, who came to treat. I did not go back, but I took the shelter of Pro Animals. Sadly, the dog died. This is the short version of a long story. We will complete later, because now you have a complaint to Targu-Jiu City Hall "wrote Finns on Facebook. (Https://

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