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Red Card for Romania

PIEP VANDAAG  ( Amsterdam media) 29 sept.2013
Written by Meriam Van de Rijdt

A gigantic drama is going on in Romania, but why are there so few people paying attention to this ?? Romania is an EU- member !. At september 25 , 2013  the law that allows the massive killing of stray dogs in Romania, was approved.By doing so, this is an offence for Romania for putting national law over EU law regarding animal welfare.

Also the cause that lead to this law, the tragic accident with a 4-year old boy,who was supposed to be attacked by stray dogs, is under discussion.Forensic investigation and also camera pictures seem to tell a different story .

The problem with the tens of thousands of street dogs in Romania is well known;  EU funds were made available for that and organisations like 4Paws who offered active help by performing spay/neutering. As well Romania as the EU missed the target, doing this; Romania did not use the fundings effective ( otherwise the problem would have been handled proper) and the EU obviously did not keep track of the developments and did not give proper support to guide them.The once who suffer are the animals now !

According to the new law, stray dogs have a chance for adoption during 14 days.After this , they can be euthanized. Horrible enough, but what is going on now in Romania has got nothing to do with this euthanasia-law at all !!Groups of people in rage are lynching,decapitating, and burning  dogs alive in public ! For every dead dog there is a bounty from € 50,  up to € 120,-.For helping a dog in need there are huge fines ! Now, also family-dogs and dogs taken into care are not even safe anymore ! A 70-year old woman was attacked very badly because “she has dogs” and Iulian Avasilinei was even murdered, trying to protect his family-dog from getting lynched !

Animalprotector Claudiu Dumitriu received death threats thanks to a tv presenter , who managed to stir up the people. They came from a mercenary soldier : “I killed many people.You will be the next to die”.Truckers, who meet eachother at night at the hostels are comparing, how many dogs they ran over that day ! Claudia Buthenhoff-Duffy, a journalist , reporting in Romania, talked about dead dogs all over the streets.

Not only dogs live in hell, but also dog-owners and animal protectors. 4Paws, the WSPA and other organisations offered help.Animal protectors are in some shelters not even allowed to feed the dogs anymore,which means a slow and horrible death.4Paws has been denied access to shelters,where they were performing neutering.

If you belong to those people, who do not want to see this news and those images and rather look away, allowing this situation to continue, then just look at this video.No horrible images!! Just a girl, who found out, that her dog, who was taken away, is in this shelter. But….she is not allowed to get her own dog out of there ! She was denied access. What was this about adopting within 14 days ??? When even dogs owners are not allowed to take their own dog out of there ??

Just listen and imagine, this is your dog in there !

Dealing with the problem of the stray dogs in Romania ? Sure ! But not like this and with the help animal welfare organisations are offering !

Join the international protest at 30 september 2013 by sending a red card to the Romanian embassies  by post !

Download the red card, print it and send it to the Romanian embassy :
( addess from your own country)

And keep signing the petition !

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