Sunday, 29 September 2013

Romanian Stray Dogs and "Charlies" Angels.

For weeks numerous dogs have died in Romania, the British media has turned a blind eye. But suddenly there are three women from a rescue team willing to dress in their black outfits to get into one of the leading papers. For weeks pictures of numerous suffering dogs have been circulating around social networking. The Express and every other paper has ignored their plight. Anyway, here is the article for those who wish to read it. Anyone else wishing to read it will understand that many many people who don't wear skimpy black dresses are busy struggling to rescue dogs in Romania. They work night and day to so so. They are the local NGOs and the huge number of individuals trying to raise finances to rescue each dog. These are the real and silent heroes who aren't in black dresses because they are too busy rescuing dogs. Donate to those brave people here.

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Romanian Stray Dogs