Sunday, 29 September 2013

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We started Happy Paws in 2011 as a dog sanctuary helping those badly injured or sick and those for whom we had adoption offers (we couldn't find any foster homes for them while waiting). We intended to keep it small, so we have time to socialize them and also we wanted to keep them safe and away from people's complaints. We opened the sanctuary using small enclosures from the City Hall (5 at this moment).

Due to this unimaginable national hysteria against stray dogs and their protectors, we have been forced to take over 40 new dogs in the last 3 weeks and there are still some we want to rescue, but have no place for. The current location of Happy Paws is near people's homes and they are complaining daily about the noise; they threaten us and are very aggressive (verbally). We fear they might start getting violent against our dogs, especially because there were a lot of poisoned dogs in Moreni in the past month.

We now have a piece of land and we want to  start rebuilding everything and move them as soon as possible. We also want to rescue more dogs from the public shelter, but have absolutely no place to take them, until the new shelter is built.

Since 2011 when we first started we managed to help a lot of injured dogs (car accident victims, severely emaciated, tumor victims, one dog who was thrown from the 4th floor, sick and abused puppies). We also found homes for 45 dogs and continued with our spay/neuter project funded by Romania Animal Rescue Inc (550 stray and owned dogs and cats since 2011). 

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