Monday, 30 September 2013

EU, Are you watching the level of cruelty/atrocities YOU allowed.

This video is very good as it summarises the cruel, wicked level of cruelty meted out on stray dogs in Romania. This is barbaric. It is even more barbaric that it continues under the watchful eye of the European Union. They claim not to be able to act, the fact is they can act if they want to. They opt not to. These are the images that can be shown. There are many too heinous for the human eye to accept. Romanian Style Euthanasia - starving the dog and giving it the most painful death known to man. The people commiting this crimes are not held accountable. Every person in the world should boycott trade and tourism to Romania. It is time the Romanian government understood that this atrocities will not be forgotten. 

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Romanian Stray Dogs