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Draconian rules for adoption dogs in Ploiesti fee sterilization social survey , income certificate and proof of space

A summary of the neglect at Bucov can be read in the Huffington Post article here. 

Translation from the original source here.

Dogs at the Bucov can be taken home only if the adopter meets several cumulative conditions . Dana Mihai streets to prevent the return of dogs captured Ploiesti Municipality has established rules drastic adoption of shelter strays from Bucov . Dogs can not leave the shelter than sterilized and only if the adopter has a space act and proof of income related news Protest pro- stray with îmbrânceli . Constantenii animal lovers ... 100 dogs live in the household . 

A thousand complaints, compared to about 200 in any month of the year , came to shelter from Bucov September 2 , the date on which a four- year-old died after being bitten by stray dogs in the capital , and until 18 September. In general hysteria , complaints , written or telephonic led to the seizure of 400 dogs from the streets of Ploiesti , which has led to overcrowding in Bucov shelter where animals are now 1,000 compared to 750 as is provided capacity after hosting EU standards . 3,500 other dogs, authorities estimated , are free in the city and the streets to prevent the return of those already caught up to the adoption of a unified legislative framework in Parliament on Monday, September 16, the local government has set strict rules for adoptions . 

" The adopter must sign a declaration on their honor that commitment will take care of the dog , submit a copy of the newsletter and an act of ownership of the house and possibly rent a space that will increase the actual dog . If it is an apartment , you need administrator approval and building. Also, the adopter must present a coupon pension or income certificate stating that the dog has the financial means to maintain . 

If the dog is not neutered , he can not leave the shelter without performing surgery by a veterinarian , " explained us the Bucov shelter employees . Depending on the size , sterilization of a dog costs between 120 and 200 lei, the adopter tax will pay the shelter. Your dog will receive a chip and if needed and rabies vaccination and deworming , add £ 40 . After adoption, a panel of local police , shelter employees and town hall will check if the animal adopted increases the yard or apartment that requested adoption. If to the contrary, if the dog is found on the street, the adopter is fined and the dog returned to the shelter with the opportunity to be adopted by the same person who committed . 

Only 20 applications for adoption Surprisingly, given that many animal lovers protested at the gates of day shelter , calling the dogs back in the three days since the new rules came into effect , only 20 people came to inquire at the shelter for adoptions , mostly residents of the block who claimed dogs captured day. Only four applications were approved and some are pending . Months ago, when adoptions were made only on the basis of a written undertaking , but in most cases the animals reached the street or around the block , there were between 18 and 41 adoptions per month .  Bucov shelter dogs from now, even if they are crammed in pens and paddocks , strays from Bucov residents , one more beautiful than another, keen attention and love, all the waist, colors and ages and reasonable living space . Given that theoretically shelter employees will act on all requests for raising the dogs in the streets soon, space becomes too small . And it depends on Ploiesti to save them from potential euthanasia or a lifetime spent in the shelter and the difference between theoretical and actual love , caring responsible dog adopted to ensure that growth and food space , but propagating a controlled pace . Among the proposals envisaged in Ploiesti administration to manage dogs in the city include a project whereby animal lovers will be able to keep the dogs in the shelter of the Bucov a monthly fee to cover food and their care , sterilization of all dogs over 6 months of age , even those of race, or pay a fee of 200 lei to the city hall and the construction of a new shelter at Valley monk. Related Ploiesti called to give his opinion on strays . All dogs will be neutered. 

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