Monday, 30 September 2013

The problem of stray dogs Leleşti "solved". They were shot on the outskirts of the village

Original article can be accessed here. This is the translation. 

Tired of Leleşti common problem of stray dogs, Mayor Marian Rotaru took about County Agency for hunting and fishing, and he asked them to shoot quadrupeds. Rotaru complains that many dogs end up in landfill Leleşti from Targu-Jiu Municipality of Bârseşti or brought in cars in the city. 

"We get dogs to dump Targu-Jiu is Bârseşti. Because they have nothing to eat leaves in the woods and is very close to the village. We solved those from AJVPS because we requested support dogs without collars were shot or do not know what they did. The fact is that there are. In addition to schools and new postaseră I put in the field, and there were busy hunting. Stray dogs trapped in the hunting are shot, the attacking game. I do not know how many dogs have been, "said Marian Rotaru Leleşti village mayor. 

Marian Rotaru has held state that was informed by citizens that stray dogs are brought by car to the village of Miami. "They said they saw people several times a car which might be dogs. I got in touch with the people at City Hall Targu-Jiu, with those in urban and told me that if you see cars download strays to announce they will intervene to see what the situation is, "she said Marian Rotaru. Details, here .

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