Thursday, 19 September 2013

Euthanasia For Dogs? Vets say NO

Veterinarians in the Capital and inform ANSVSA FOUR PAWS and the College of Veterinarians campaign to boycott the mass killing of stray dogs . College of Veterinarians of capital appeals to all veterinarians to complete the letter and send the addresses of the two institutions.

Veterinarians cited so far, regardless of the city in which they operate, explained that euthanasia is the last option and is done when the dog has a disease that can not be treated , what causes pain or when the dog is very old. Euthanasia is performed by a doctor at the request of owner. Therefore, if all veterinarians will support the boycott, who will euthanasia dogs ?

Here is the letter of the College of Veterinarians of Capital:

" To: The National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety


To: College of Veterinarians

         My name ...................................................... are registered veterinarian with Veterinary College ID card and stamp number ..........................

         As veterinarian inform you that I will participate in the implementation of EO 155/2001 which provides for " euthanasia " clinically healthy dogs in order to diminish their number on the streets since the Code of Ethics of the veterinarian states in art . 50 : " The veterinarian will help it to practice euthanasia , except when it stranded to end the suffering of a patient ." Also, the National Council Decision nr.24/03.12.2011 Veterinarians state that euthanasia performed on dogs , apart from incurable diseases represent disciplinary violation , is prohibited . "

I can say that euthanasia is a medical procedure that applies strictly only animals affected by end-stage pathology in order crutarii their suffering and ethics do not allow me to apply this treatment to an animal clinically healthy ( physically and mentally ) . These laws are unfair and made ​​without consulting specialists in the field and I do not represent the opinion on the management of stray dogs .

         The term euthanasia is chosen in order to avoid the negative connotation that it has any other terminology ( assisted killing , killing painlessly ) from both morally and the image you can create. This confusion brings great harm to the veterinary profession and artificially lowers the acceptance threshold of the end of a life deliberately .

         As such strict demarcation between medical colleges want to resort to euthanasia on the basis of medical support to those who implement clinically healthy animals .

Thank you for your time.

Date: Signature: "

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