Thursday, 19 September 2013

Public appeal to people who love animals

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Sorana Urdareanu, public appeal to people who love animals. What urges them to do to stop the killing of stray dogs. Published on September 18, 2013 by Ampress.

Stray dogs - Sorana Urdareanu sent Tuesday on behalf of the Romanian Alliance for Animal Rights, a public appeal to all people who love animals. Persons are asked to enter a campaign to block the so-called "euthanasia" of stray dogs. "We call that letter people loved and respected by the public in Romania, knowing that only with your support we can mitigate acts of cruelty directed against stray dogs, which have escalated since 2 September. At the moment there were new details in the case of Ionut, which can overturn the current hypothesis that the child was killed by stray dogs, and according to recent polls, 52% of the population would save stray dogs. However, due to the phenomenon of mass hysteria and misinformation, continues crusade against stray dogs. Perhaps many of you already know, claim of unconstitutionality on the draft law on stray dogs euthanasia will be discussed at the Constitutional Court on September 25. Time is short and we thought that we can only win if we work together to make a campaign of awareness of what is happening, "the letter says. Public persons are urged to record short video messages against euthanasia of stray dogs, those message are then distributed to the public. "We know you do not want any dogs on the street, just as well we do not agree with their mass murder, just because you value life. Showing people what you think they certainly will change things for the better, "writes Sorana Urdareanu those who have sent the call. The campaign initiated by Sorana Urdareanu wants to convey "a simple message, real and human as possible" and that real solutions to eradicate street dogs are sterilization (not mass murder), adoption and public education. "An example that proves why killing stray dogs is ineffective as a long-term method of eradication: Any reduction in population mortality is rapidly compensated for breeding and survival. By removing the dogs killed, increase quality of life and the power of breeding survivors because they have access to more resources and no competition, "the letter says, citing canine population management guide, prepared by the World Health Organization in 1990 . "And another example illustrating that the only way to stop the uncontrolled breeding of animals is sterilization: On an annual average of 8 young females (two births / year), a bitch and her offspring can give birth to 67,000 puppies in a period of six years, according to Doris Day Animal League, USA: Sterilization of a puppy dog today means less street hundred tomorrow, "reads the letter Sorana Urdareanu. 

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