Thursday, 19 September 2013

Euthanasia - Romanian Style

I needed to publish this write-up because this is the reality of Romania. A slow and painful death for dogs.

Via Occupy For Animals

Most of the municipalities or dog catching companies who operate the shelters will NOT spend a single LEI on the unfortunate dogs that they will catch and put in their so-called "shelters". 

They will NOT feed them, probably not even give them a drop of water because the sooner they will die, the sooner they will make room for new dogs. 

And for those who will survive the 14 days in such a hell hole, death will come as a welcome relief. But death won't come swiftly, and it won't come softly...

As I have said it many times, they will not "be put to sleep". They will be KILLED, in the most horrible ways - they will NOT spend money on killingl them gently.... It has to be inexpensive, that is all that counts for them. And therefore the dogs will be beaten to death, injected with magnesium sulphate, water, vinegar, paint thinner and other chemical substances... Or like we had seen it in Tulcea, they will be thrown in the cremators while still alive. 

Remember Botosani? ... which made national in international headlines on 11th of May, 2011, when the vet Cristian Petru Pencu, assisted by his drunken helpers, "managed" to kill 230 healthy dogs in 2 hours time?

Make no mistake because the above sentence contains the word 'vet': these dogs had not been euthanized by injection; these 230 healthy dogs had been slaughtered!

The volunteers who until then had fed the dogs at the municipal shelter every day, discovered them in the morning, in plastic bags, with blood everywhere.

The vet who was responsible for the killing of the 230 dogs was later accused of intentional murder and another 15 people had been surveyed. The police doubted that he managed to make lethal injections to 230 dogs in two hours. "For an injection is needed ten minutes. The doctor therefore needed 2300 minutes ..."

THAT is "euthanasia Romanian Style"....

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