Thursday, 19 September 2013

President of Romania/Former Mayor of Bucharest once said "We will take care of them like if they were our children."

Every day I learn something new about the way Romania treats its animals. A few years ago, the President of Romania was quoted as saying " We will take care of them like they were our children". It is interesting that the same man decided to instigate emergency legislation to cull all stray dogs. Is this the way he treats children? I was shown to videos today and because they demonstrate extremely horrific cruelty in the way so called "euthanasia" is carried out, they cannot be uploaded here. That is the irony - that real cruelty cannot be shown. The videos were on You Tube and called "Botosani 2011 " Eutanasia in Romania"(crima) /Euthanasia in Romania(murder)". As this is so, I felt I would write about it. 

It is clear that what is said publicly by the President of Romania does not reflect what is done behind closed doors. The untold suffering meted out on healthy animals can only be described as sheer wickedness with the blessing of the kind of evil no one expects to see from a European Union country. The President is running various Auschwitz for dogs but the slow assassinations committed causing untold suffering upon an animal is hidden behind closed doors. The dog has a bark, it doesn't have a voice, they cannot tell us the disgraceful treatments they have been subjected to. Victims of Auschwitz could narrate what happened to them. 

We ask ourselves, what are organisations like this doing with their time? Why aren't these organisations protecting the welfare of our animals. Why are they turning a blind eye to the atrocities committed.

With Romanian tax payers money, heinous cruel crimes are being committed to dogs. There is no inquiry, no recognition, no freedom to publicise this in the mainstream media, no accountability. It continues because the EU has allowed it to continue. It continues because the President of Romania allows it to continue. We don't even know the numbers of dogs killed in this cruel wicked way where they are held by the scuff of their neck and forcibly injected and beaten causing untold pain. Who hears the cries of these poor dogs? Few are willing to listen and those who have the power continue in their merry world pretending that we have a lawful land, pretending that human beings have evolved from barbarians. In truth, nothing has evolved within these public shelters. The cruelty continues, the wickedness continues, the slow deaths continues. Is this the way the President wishes to treat his children? 

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