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iReport-CNN. How Ploiesti Disposes of Stray Dogs.

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Ploiesti, July 15th 2013 

Following the cases of stray dogs getting tranquilized and captured the nights of June 2013, RSDP managed to collect evidence that incriminates certain parties. 

We have information that suggests some Bucov shelter employees participated in tranquilizing and capturing dogs in secret and illegal campaigns. This is the timeline of the information we have gathered from June 13th-14th, as video footage and statements show: 

• It seems that on June 13th 2013 Bucov shelter contacted Protan (a major incinerator from Bucharest) asking Protan to come pick up from Bucov shelter dead animal bodies for incineration the following day. This suggests Bucov shelter premeditated the events that were to ensue that night. 

• During the night of June 13th-14th, video footage from North Farmers’ Market show Bucov shelter employees led by vet technician Raicu Gheorghe tranquilizing and taking to their vans homeless dogs from the area. None of those dogs captured that night was ever to be found alive at Bucov shelter. 

• We want to mention that the surveillance images of that night show men including vet technician Raicu Gheorghe using tranquilizing shotgun, which by itself is illegal; only veterinarians having legal right to use tranquilizers. 

• Video footage shows a van belongings to Local Police and police officers accompanying and assisting in this capturing campaign the night of June 13th-14th. 

• According to animal protection law, killing, maltreatment, abusing animals is considered offense and is punished with fines of up to 100 million old ron or jail time of up to 3 years. 

• Video footage of that night from North Farmers’ Market matches the eye witness testimonials we have gathered. 

• On June 14th, Protan comes to Bucov shelter to pick up dead dog bodies totalling 1200 kilos. 

• Later, Mrs Moagher, manager of Bucov shelter, writes in an official statement that Bucov shelter was not involved in the night events of June 13th-14th. At the same time, Bucov shelter employees constantly deny having taken parts in the crimes of that night. 

• We also have an official letter from Local Police stating they did not have anything to do with the criminal activities against homeless dogs of that night. 

• We attach to this press release the information coming from Protan incinerating company with the amounts of dead dogs bodies received from Ploiesti; as well as the official statement of Bucov shelter manager Moagher underlying that Bucov had nothing to do with that night’s events; as well as the official Local Police statement of not being involved either. For video footage of that night you can contact us via our organization email. 

• Given the video footage we possess from the night of June 13th-14th, plus the statements received afterwards, we are not facing anymore solely a case of illegal actions against homeless dogs. We’re also talking about units belonging to the local administration organizing to commit illegal actions together; those very same local entities responsible for animal protection and law enforcement. Those same entities which denied in written official statements having anything to do with the actions carried out that night. 

Finally, we continue to seek community’s support for gathering evidence and testimonials to help us identify the ones responsible for the mass dog poisonings from the past few weeks. There is a reward of at least 1,000 new ron for evidence towards identifying the criminals. About the reward and how you can contact us for information please read here: http://www.telegrama.ro/stiri/actualitate/item/9212-recompens%C4%83-pentru-g%C4%83sirea-uciga%C5%9Filor 

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