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Those who oppose euthanasia of stray dogs 300 . Radu Beligan : " A barbaric act ." Marin Moraru " Everyone has the right to live "

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" We are humans and we have power to do something ." " Everyone has the right to live." " I will always be violence, aggressiveness and drive by instinct ." These are messages that Radu Beligan , Oana Marin Moraru and transmit them neiubitorilor animal lovers and today, the day Constitutional Court decides fate of stray dogs , judging complaint filed by MPs against the euthanasia law .

The three actors are part of the more than 300 personalities have signed a petition to the Constitutional Court judges demanding that stray dogs are not euthanized . Initiated by Cristina Ţopescu member PSD , the petition was signed by names in public life, including actors Radu Beligan , Marin Moraru , Bebe Cotimanis , Oana , Florina Earring and Ion Besoiu doctors Prof. Ioan Lascar , Prof. Dr. Monica Pop , Prof. Dr. Dana Safta , Prof. Dr. George Burnei and Prof. Dan Enescu , historian Lucian paprika, soloists Dan Iordăchescu , Gheorghe Zamfir , Cleopatra Melidoneanu and Ionel Voineag and directors Dan Pita , Lawrence Damian , Sanda Manu , Copel Moscu and Calin Netzer .

" Ladies, gentlemen judge in the last 3 weeks due to the tragic death of a 4 year old child , killed by dogs ( with their involvement in circumstances still unclear ) , Romania is a country gripped by psychosis violence against dogs and masters of dogs stray . Society is more polarized than ever , the two sides are threatening each other , we live practically a war man with man and man with animal. ( ... ) In order to mask blatant institutional incapacity and reckless spending of public money , without ensuring any animal welfare, nor the people , the Romanian authorities have now acted in haste , the adoption of a legal framework and international treaties ignârand application of the European Parliament resolution of 4 July 2012 on the European Union Strategy for the Protection and welfare of Animals 2012-2015 (2012/ 2043 ( INI) , which by paragraphs 24 to 28 , requires Member States to adopt comprehensive strategies canine population management . in this context , we consider that the Romanian authorities have the obligation to respect the law and international treaties IIN Romanian State is a party , "reads the petition submitted to constitutional judges .

Radu Beligan " euthanasia is a barbaric act "

Radu Beligan signed this petition because it does not exist dreşte dogs on the street and do not support euthanasia . " I believe that euthanasia is a barbaric act . At the same time do not want people to be exposed to any risk due to these animals. We are humans and we have power to do something for animals not to sit on the street, " said the thought Beligan . The actor says an animal lover . Home has a dog and two cats , but nevertheless thinks to take further remote few animals .

Marin Moraru , " I do not support radical measures "

Marin Moraru testified to the thought that was bitten by a dog, but this led him to seek the death of that animal. " Yet my feelings a dog not changed . The dog is the dog and if you know how to behave with it nothing happens , "said the actor.

Master said that he joined the initiative because he loves dogs . " Everyone has the right to live . I do not want a creature to be killed. I do not support radical measures , " said Marin Moraru .

Monica Davidescu : " Open your eyes"

Oana include it among the supporters of this initiative. "I signed this petition because I will always be violence, aggressiveness and drive by instinct ," said the actress for thought .

Michael Traistariu believes that euthanasia is "the most pathetic measure " that can be taken against stray dogs . " I do not agree to take the life of a lifetime. Traian Basescu in 2000-2001 killed 150,000 strays . Currently, there are about 65,000 street dogs. Euthanasia is not the solution to the problem of stray dogs . They have gathered in the street , sterilized , treated and adopted or kept in special shelters , "said the singer thought .

In turn , the actress Monica Davidescu asks people to "open your eyes" by sending them supporters of euthanasia that a child should not be taught to kill . "We want to open their eyes and understand that children's education is important. If a child is now taught to" kill , I fear that the teens will turn into a criminal , "said Monica Davidescu LIVE at the thought .

What doctors propose solutions on stray dogs

Doctors see every day people who become patients because of stray dog bite , but nevertheless do not support euthanasia as a solution to the problem of stray dogs . "The problem of stray dogs is acute and must be resolved. As I deal with the problems caused by plastic surgeon stray dogs . It's day there is not hospitalized patient in clinic that I run Floreasca Emergency Hospital with a serious problem caused by stray dogs , which to lack a hunk of meat. Not to say that at least 10 to 12 are just so taste ' of stray dogs . But all this did not support radical : that of euthanasia , "said the doctor thought esthetician Prof. Ioan Lascar , Floreasca Emergency Hospital .

Prof. Dr. Dana Safta manager Elias Emergency Hospital , is another supporter of the petition initiated by Cristina Ţopescu . "I am a human medical , veterinary not , however protect lives , not take lives . If these animals were alive, then do you have for them. If we want to protect them then we must be careful never to multiply . If we can do and some shelters for them. Do not leave them on the streets to kill people , but not to kill them , " is the message from the head of Elias in connection with providing euthanasia bill within 14 days of the stray dogs that are not claimed or adopted .

Pediatric Orthopaedics Prof. George Burn Marie Curie Children's Hospital says that tragedies such as that of Ionut can be prevented if the dogs are raised on the street. said that " Lunar come around 20 children who have many bites caused by stray dogs . We need to care hospitalize them and get in touch with the Hospital for Infectious Diseases Matei Bals . Stray dogs are a problem, really , but it is unacceptable to have a massacre by their euthanasia without being searched before other solutions. These dogs should not stand in the street , 'said Professor Burn.

A law that traumatizes civil society "

A group of 30 MPs from all political groups except UDMR attacked the Constitutional Court that provides euthanasia bill within 14 days of the stray dogs that are not claimed or adopted . Appellants argue that enactment not to hinder their multiplication and spread , but traumatizes civil society " approach is not likely to translate fundamental human rights in Romania."

Lawmakers signatories asking the Court to obey the Law amending and supplementing Ordinance 155/2011 of constitutional , so this should be forwarded , for a further examination Parliament .

The document submitted to the Constitutional Court shows that certain articles of the law violate the constitutional provisions relating to compliance with international treaties .

"We first note that the problem of euthanasia of stray dogs and the conditions under which it is prepared is the main problem of the law. Euthanasia is an extreme measure that contravenes the animal rights recognized by international instruments binding Community rules . Law management provides euthanasia solution , which may be current , mass , stray animals , although it should be applied only in certain limiting conditions and strict exceptional ", said the 30 lawmakers.

They refer in this respect to a previous decision that euthanasia CCR under the ordinance must apply with the European Convention for the protection of pet animals in 2003, ratified by Romania in 2004 and entered into force in 2005.

Senators and Members signatories shows that under the Convention , "when a Party considers that the number of stray animals are a problem for her , she has to take necessary legislative and / or administrative measures to reduce their numbers in ways that do not cause pain avoidable suffering or distress . "

The document also states that animals are not aggressive , abandoned or stray remaining in huge numbers will be euthanized by the direct effect of enforcement.

Also contesting stresses that euthanasia is contrary to the principles laid down in the Universal Declaration of Animal Rights , proclaimed in Paris in 1978 15 , which provides, inter alia, that any animal addicted person has the right to health care should not be abandoned or killed in unjustified , and that the killing of any animal that is not absolutely necessary and any decision leading to such an act constitutes a crime .

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