Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Romanian Constitutional Court Rules For Euthanasia of Canines

It is time for everyone to understand that the law, politicians and the judiciary have failed them and those that are the most vulnerable. It is therefore important for every person to help in any way they can to ensure the speedy adoptions and exodus of stray dogs from Romania. Protect your dogs, protect any stray that comes within your path. Everyone can work together to beat the law of the land. Dogs don't have to be killed if people are able to each out and help. You can help by donating, spreading the word, adopting a dog, sponsoring a dog in a foster home or private shelter, circulating their pictures far and wide so responsible owners are found. A lot can be done. Instead at present we have a haphazard disorganized system where adoption happens if the dog is lucky and circumstances are in their favour. This system has to improve and it has to improve now - because there is no more time left. 

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Romanian Stray Dogs