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Mr President of Romania. It ain't over until its over.

ROMANIA: "it's not over, until it's over!" Via Occupy For Animals.

Former senator Marius Marinescu, current President of the Federation for the Protection of Animals and the Environment (FPAM) will challenge the current law allowing euthanasia of ALL stray animals after 14 days if not adopted before the Romanian Constitutional Court. 

This has been confirmed today buy Paula James, the lawyer who has worked with Marinescu on gathering the necessary support signatures. 

Please read it all at:


Many talk about the "new law" but in fact, there is no new law yet as long as President Basescu has not promulgated it. And this has so far not yet been done.

As long as this has not yet been done, the proposed law can be contested at Romania's Constitutional Court. Once the appeal is registered with the Constitutional Court, the law can not be promulgated by President Basescu... it's frozen until the court decides in a way or another. 

To register an appeal a number of support signatures are needed (which Senator Marinescu seems to have done). Once the needed signatures have been gathered, the appeal can be registered with the Constitutional Court. The CCR will then decide if they accept the appeal - meaning if they will even listen to the case or not. 

If the CCR takes the case, it will take some time until the CCR comes with a verdict. During all this time, the law can not be promulgated by President Basescu, and thus there is theoretically no new law yet, and mayors will not yet be allowed to kill healthy animals after 14 days if not adopted, because they have to (they should) respect the actual Romanian animal protection law.



Following the death of little Ionut, the four-year-old boy, who has been supposedly mauled to death by 5 stray dogs on a private, fenced property, more than 1 km away from the park where the grand mother had lost sight of him and his older brother, was followed by a campaign without precedent in Romania, and which, led mainly by Antena 3, hides INCREDIBLE POLITICAL STAKES AND INTERESTS! A campaign with an unimaginable visual and psychological pressure! ...A mediatic destruction which was never met before!

A continuous and intense campaign, full of lies, calumnies, accuses, unimaginable scenarios regarding the animal lovers, especially the NGOs, is undertaken by the televisions, especially by “Antena 3” (please, send protests to ). The animal welfare NGOs are merely „bastards who steal the state's money”, which have „turned rich by exploiting the strays problem”, which have „done businesses with the mayors for huge amounts of money”, „impostors, fake animal lovers, only ruled by their own interests”. The loss of credibility towards the NGOs has occurred and thus the people are starting to talk about the NGOs like entities for which the „truth” is only now surfacing. Fake statistics, images with „fearsome” strays, interviews with „terrorized” citizens, have fully occupied the TV broadcasts these days! Fake histories, forged documents are presented to the population!

For 10 days the televisions are debating and are hysterically yelling and screaming on the same subject! And ONLY on this subject!

But the case of the 4 year old child killed by dogs is more than blurry and strange. There are things in the official version that just don't add up and many people have started to ask questions and wonder. Even Romanian MEP Corneliu Vadim Tudor had publicly expressed doubts on the official version of the boy's death. 

The child was found approximately 1 km away from the park and in order to get there he would have had to walk a highly difficult road even for an adult! Especially for a child!? He should have passed a steep and then pass homeless people. 

If the boy had been mauled to death by dogs, he would have screamed. How comes that no-one has heard the boys cries for help although there are a couple of residential buildings and many many houses in close proximity to the place where the boy is supposed to having been killed?

A journalist and his team took the same "possible path" that little Ionut is supposed to have taken when he left the park. Already the first part of the "possible path" was very difficult for an adult and it took them more than one hour until they landed in front of a very high fence which separated them from the place where the little boy had been found. According to the journalist, a child would have had no chance to walk this path till the end and to even reach the fence. And: why would a child do it?

If it took an adult more than 1 hour walking, a child would need even more time, but let's just assume that the two children really managed to reach the place where Ionut was later found in one hour time.... Ionut gets attacked by strays, his brother runs back to his grand mother. He would have needed at least 2 hours only to make the 2 ways. But it is said that the grand mother left them unsupervised for about 45 minutes...

According to the journalist, the coroner had found little Ionut in the yard with his pants down... 

Furthermore, the majority observes the attitude and behavior of the parents, which are constantly present in the TV studios, especially the mother who is awkwardly relaxed and untroubled. In order to counter-balance this relaxation, some journalists resort to shocking titles, by expressing their own suffering, by photos. There are more and more details which do not make sense and which do not fit the story. And the grandmother who lost sight of the child is not in any way legally accused or pursued, not even interrogated! On the contrary, the entire fault is attributed to the NGOs!!!

We have compiled the inconsistencies which have emerged days after the death of the little boy at the bottom of the following page and we invite you to read them, to watch the video and see the pictures, to read the different statements, and to build up your own opinion...

For information (in English) on the current situation regarding the fate of Romania's homeless animals, and the death of little Ionut, please visit:

For German, please see:

Please read also the information compiled on our page 'Corruption, organized crime and stray dog business in Romania'. It will open your eyes as to the classic mechanism of siphoning off public money... How Romanian's tax payer's money goes down the drain - or better said: is being incinerated together with the dogs while the stray animal populations only keep growing!

And please read also our latest post on plagiarism, corruption, organized crime and stray dogs business in Romania - do not miss it reading it:

The protests against the gold extraction by cyanide in Rosia Montana has brought 10.000 people in the streets, for 9 days. This is a protest without precedent in Romania but still the televisions only rarely present this subject. Nonetheless they are constantly debating the subject of the child killed by the strays!

While Romania's populace is occupied blaming and killing strays because of the tragic death of little Ionut - who was probably not even killed by strays - their Government is moving forward with their plans to give the go-ahead for the construction of Europe's biggest gold mine and to sign away Romania's most valuable natural asset!

After the project had been on halt for the past 14 years because of vicious opposition from anti-mining activists and the successive Romanian governments being reluctant to give the go-ahead amid such heated environment, the Romanian government approved a draft law last week that sets out a course for development of the mine, and which now needs to be approved by parliament which is set to vote on the project later this month.

Ex-culture minister and Democratic Liberal Theodor Paleologu agrees, saying, "The project is technically dubious, the law behind it is against the constitution because it ignores property laws as well as the interests of the Romanian state, and it has corrupted many politicians."

For information on Rosia Montana, Europe's biggest gold mine, please see:



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