Saturday, 14 September 2013

Update on PLOIESTI PUBLIC SHELTER from an animal lover living in the area:

More news from the notorious Ploiesti. Source - Facebook.

i live in Ploiesti and yes they eat eachoter poor dogs are verry hungry. Today they dont let ppl inside,this shelter is horror from many years,they give dogs food to zoo wild animals! Ploiesti is number one in killings dogs.

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last night they killed many dogs to make space for new ones bring from street.they take even a woman dog from his arms!i had before two dogs there,one i saved they let me take but second one dissapear and i think end in leons we have mitting here on Ploiesti at 6.nobody ganna listen...

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they dont want give for adoption they want kill all! Me and ppl who love animals here we are to small to do something...if we are more with more forces maybe can save something... Believe me that shelter is the worst possible!

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