Thursday, 26 September 2013

Sorin Oprescu, General Mayor of Bucharest has softened his tone

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RCC has approved the new law where the euthanasia of strayd dogs can be done after 14 days. President Basescu has promulgated the law. Today, Sorin Oprescu came with a solution to all NGO/s which want to adopt stray dogs.

He said that the Non Governmental Organisations ( NGO ) can adopt dogs without paying adoption fees, which is 170 lei ( 40 euro )

" I made this proposal during a meeting ofr the general Council of Greater Bucharest, for the NGOs who want to adopt dogs from the ASPA shelters, so they do not pay the adoption fee. This proposal has been approved with a vast majority of votes. We encourage the adoption but we will toughen our controlss, to make sure that the adopted animals are not again abandoned, but taken care by those who adopted them.

We renounced the provision which imposed adoption fees. We are waiting for the NGOs to come and adopt dogs. They should stop the protest on the streets and come and adopt dogs and take care of them." said Sorin oprescu 

The judges from RCC have approved the euthanasia law, for the dogs who are not reclaimed or adopted after 14 days. The law enters in force AFTER it will be published in Monitorul Official

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