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VIVA ITALIA ! Thank you Italy.

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Italian ARA "Threaten " : On Oct 3, 2013 we will besiege the Romanian Embassy in Rome ! 

On Oct 3, 2013, all the people in the quare will say NO TO ROMANIA...this is the call for the manifestation in front of the Romanian Embassy in Romane, to protest against the euthanasia law.

The protest has been organised by a " certain" European Party for Animals Rights" which asks that Romania will not be accepted in the Schengen Space. There was already a manifestation in front of the Romanian Consulate in Neaples, on Sept.20.

The European Party for Animal Rights (PEA) already issued a press release, where some confusions have been made regarding the "goverment of President Basescu" and the roles of national institutions in our country.

This is how the press release begins : To the government of President Basescu, it is irresponsible the mass killing of thoudans of stray dogs, the legalizations of mass killings by atrocious means. Basescu has ignored the Romanian Law for the Protection of ANimals, and also the international treaties and conventions.

Despite the appeals made by Italian Europarliamentarians and MP ( Muscardini (ECR) Zanoni (ALDE) Amati , Cirinni and Cranaiola (PD), De Petris (SEL ) and despite the protests of activists for animal rights, the Romanian Government has approved a law which legalizes the massacres of stray dogs. Because the petition against the admission of Romania in the Schenged Space has gathered over 30,000 signatures, the Romanian Parliamentarians have postponed the vote, until Sept.25"

The Basescu Government does not accept the democratic laws in Europe, and we do not want Basescu's Romania in Europe ", continues the EPA.

«On Oct 3 , we will be on the street, in front of the Romanian EMbassy in Roman , while in other European countries protestesr will be in frotn of Romanian Embassies to say NO, ROMANIA SHOULD NOT ENTER in the SCHENGEN SPACE...Criminal Basescu OUT of Europe.

Racism ? Yes or No ?


The call made by EPA , has raised angry reactions on Facebook from Romanian citizens. EPA President Stefano Fuccelli, quoted by "quotidiano/net, rejects these accusation.

"To answer to the accusations of racism made by Romanian citizens regarding the members of this partyc and the protesters. I firlmy sustain that we do not have anything against people, but we detest those who massacre innocent creatures, and those who commit these crimes, as it happens in Ukcraine and Romania, prove lack of civilization ( civility ) And they must de denounced and fought against. - said Fuccelli
" If this extermination would have taken place in Italy, we woudl have asked for Italy to be expeled from the EU... What is right for Sparta, must be right for Athens too.
We have the opportunity to highlight this  continuel Fuccelli ) The politicians are the expression of a people. Hitler, Mussolini, Bush, Thatcher, Berlusconi, they did not fall from the sky, ther have been elected by people. We must stop this stupid slogan : it is the politicians' fault. In the Romanian Parliament, 226 MPs voted in favor of massacres, 23 said NO, 21 abstained. Those MPS represent the Romanian people. They have been elected by the people. The people elected THEM>

My question to the Romanina people would be " was the Romanian people favorable to the cruel extermination or was against it ? Is there a consensus or the MP did whatever went through their minds ? You already KNOW the answer. The vast majority of the Romanian people WANTED the extermination of stray dogs. By all means possible. A massacre where young people takes part, already started. And do not try to deny this. To come and vomit here this mean accusation of racism is shameful " continued the President of EPA ) 

Having said this, our respect id directed toward that enlightened but apparently insignificant minority pe Romanians who fight for the weak, who fight to protect innocent living beings abandoned by people in order to be exetrminated by other people. " 

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