Thursday, 17 October 2013

577 Dogs Due to be Killed

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Although mostly stray dogs problem was solved in Drobeta Turnu Severin, the Mayor has decided to proceed with the euthanasia of 577 animals in the shelter are now city hall. The mayor said that does nothing to enforce the law and that does not seem normal monthly amounts that are spent for the maintenance of a dog to be higher than those for an elder or dependent child. "can not accept to pay more for maintenance of a dog than an old man in need maintenance or maintenance of a child. When we apply the law, probably to spend and less to carry out the work, with tight, with sterilizers, with maintenance there. I am glad that those who decide nationwide concluded that attention must be paid first, then these unfortunate people and stray animals, "said Mayor Severin. 

According to him, the problem is almost solved stray dogs in Turnu Severin . "Even if it was discord in this segment, I did not hesitate to do the job, as was the law then incomplete and does not benefit us a lot. I say that we have succeeded in large part to keep in check the stray dog problem. I do not pretend to say that I got it, but I controlled it, "said Mayor Constantin Gheorghe. shelter from the edge Severin is now 577 stray dogs. According to data provided by the accounting service hall, controlling the spread of stray dogs annually hall costs 1.2 to 1,300,000 lei, ie around 100,000 monthly. 

According to Chapter XI of the draft implementing rules of law, unclaimed or euthanize dogs have been adopted within 14 days will be decided by an appointee of the mayor, who will only issue the euthanasia of stray dogs in public shelters. Euthanasia may only be carried out free practice veterinarians and unsupported methods and procedures are chemical methods by administering various toxic substances, and mechanical methods, such as incineration, exsanguination (blood removal-no) or drowning animal.

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