Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Adopt a puppy ." A campaign for animal lovers

Mr President, we believe you are an unfit dog owner. 
Please give those dogs back to a private shelter so they can be re-homed. 
You would never pass a home-check with the 14 day cull law you instigated. 
It is a shame those dogs can't read the papers. If they did, they wouldn't even want to stay with you. 
This smoke screen article below doesn't persuade anyone. 

Translated from original link.

The countdown has begun . The 14 days of due dates is running the shelter stray dogs . Now is the time for those who love animals going to adopt .

Event Day with Animal Zoo magazine launches campaign to encourage broad adoption of dogs, called "Adopt a puppy ." In the current situation , the law does not allow other escape the lethal injection to stray than adoption. Thus , evz.ro and animalzoo . ro will present one story a day for street dogs in shelters . If you contact us and adopted , we'll support you with a package of food and medical counseling and training issues .

Enter sites www. animalzoo.ro and evz.ro , from October 9 to track where we discovered quadrupeds impressive in shelters . On our platform you will find information on online entry on the list of adopters . If you want to adopt is how we can support Wednesday .

However , those who make the commitment to take home a quadruped should know that from now on fines for neglect or ill-treatment will be applied more rigorously . Adopters will be periodically checked by employees of city hall and the home of the animal changes must be declared authorities within a very short time.

Law euthanasia or " Ionut 's law " has a human side

The regulation says that after the 14 days , unclaimed or not adopted dogs will be euthanized , according to a decision issued by a person authorized to do so by the mayor during given by this decision. " Time will be set taking into account the capabilities of accommodation and budget availability . This period may be modified motivated" , says the law approved by the Constitutional Court of Romania.

Euthanasia decision is issued for each dog , and until completion of procedure , dogs can be claimed or adopted by willing .

This " delay " can not apply for sick dogs . Under the law, the incurably sick animals declared as such because of a medical examination performed by your veterinarian - exam that can assist representatives from non-governmental animal welfare governance requirements - based on the observation form , will be euthanized immediately.

Basescu received a stray from EBA

President is known in the circle of veterinarians as a great animal lover . Traian Basescu take dogs to the medical staff , two of whom are former strays . One of the dogs, named Caramel , became famous after the president's daughter , Elena , took off the street and gave his father .

Community and Ponte took a

Chief Executive Victor Ponta , announced a few days ago he adopted a puppy from the streets of the capital. The little fluffy named him Freddie . Prime Minister says that the dog is now a full member of the family , and Irina , his daughter , is melted by little . Caring quadruped has, however, his mother Victor Ponta .

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