Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals. Sleeping on the job.

Refer to Occupy For Animal for more detailed coverage. 

Here is what it says on the EU tin can "The all-party Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals was created in 1983 in the European Parliament to discuss European and international animal welfare and conservation issues and, where appropriate, take initiatives which can lead to legislation"

Cosmetically, they like edit good press releases. There is a vast difference between a well constructed press release and actual action. While dogs were dying on World Animal Day, this group, its press officer and numerous people associating with it where tweeting more material designed to demonstrate their good humour. There is nothing funny about the high mortality rate of canines. It leads us to question whether this group is taking the matter seriously at all?

The fact really is that for years evidence has been presented to them in various forms. This evidence has been side-lined, neglected. Thousands of dogs have died as a consequence. We only have to look at this Dog Mafia documentary [note the admission that evidence was presented to the EU] or read the antics of the most ruthless wicked disgraceful dog catcher on planet earth to understand that millions of dogs have died in the most heinous manner possible. No reasonable body would have ignored the level of cruelty meted out on dogs. The evidence of cruelty has poured into Brussels much like a large Tsunami. Despite this, the group has concealed itself behind the facade of faulty legislation. Quite frankly this is not good enough. Let us inform you that the EU [and yourselves] are paid by the tax payer. This means you do what the tax paper wants and that is to instigate investigations and prosecute those responsible and uphold animal rights. Failure to do this constitutes a failure to do your job. Any one else failing to do their job would be fired. In this case, after years of narcolepsy each time a piece of evidence is provided, its time for this EU sleeping beauty to wake up and take action.

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