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At one of the shelters in the capital I was not allowed to choose which animal to take home INCOGNITO. How do I adopt a stray discouraged Hall

Translated from Original Source.

The campaign for the adoption of stray dogs in Bucharest seems at one month after its onset, a bad joke: only 1 percent of stray dogs have been adopted so far. A report of RL incognito shows some of the causes of this failure.

Less than a month after the adoption of Law no. 258/2013 regarding stray dogs, not many Bucharest rushed to take their four-legged escape to euthanasia. Listening to the advice of the authorities, I went to the animal shelter located along Pallady Hall in Bucharest and I pretended to be an animal lover who wants to adopt a dog.

Wednesday morning at the blue gate with carved schedule with a marker on blackboard, a doorman asked me, through the fence, they want. I mean, all through the gate, I would like to adopt a dog and wondering if I could get to see some. The gate opens, but are not allowed to enter.

"What does the girl?" Ask me another shelter employee. Try to repeat the answer, but in that time, a strong odor of pet food mixed with urine, give me a few steps back. I hardly back and stretch his keeper newsletter. As I legitimize my eye is absorbed by dogs cages are stacked two or three, along the wall of the shelter. A caregiver right out of the building almost dragging a dog. Armpits keeps the head and front legs, while the rest of the body hung inert. I do not know if sedated, sick or dead dog caretaker immediately take it out of my face ruddy.

When I say I want employees to adopt a shelter dog and I want to show some quadrupeds, it seems more bothered by my presence.

The shelter itself, which is not more than a subway car, the smell becomes unbearable. The cages are five feet by 6-7 dogs, pretzel gathered some on foot, others, not having spot, standing among droppings and hair. Some grills, animals waiting patiently, as if trained to be quiet when someone comes to adopt. The shelter is not other people.

Got to see the dogs in the first two cages and then committed tells me to go with her. Are taken in the building across the street, where the conditions in which animals are kept and looks worse than the first shelter. Cages are rusted away is water, there is food in cages. Instead, there are droppings everywhere and seems nobody cares about them together. Here, the dogs looked sick and dirty.

"Come on, take this one," I said shelter veterinarian, showing me first cage entrance. In any meter cage are two puppy, one with beige coat, lying on a panel and one standing so weak that I can count ribs.

Seeing the conditions in which animals are kept, ask sterilization and deworming.

"Take this one is freshly castrated!" Hostile veterinarian answer me, looking at me impatiently left eye because the right was covered with a huge bandage.

I try to tell him I want to see other dogs, but does not give the veterinarian. I say they can take the dog on the spot, and I just bulletin already preparing a sheet of adoption.

How to break the rules

On-site supervision and Animal Protection Authority says that adoption is needed to complete a copy of the card, but also an affidavit showing home where the dog will be cared for. Oh it does not know of the condition, although ask several times. I answer that it takes only blatantly newsletter. "Miss, adopt or save?" Short doctor ask me, they ask to see other dogs in the shelter.

The five employees of shelter me staring and waiting to say yes. I explain that I want to adopt, I will decide on the day, but I want to see other dogs, for example, some white and smaller, as seen many in that shelter.

"We do not want you," she threw her shelter employee, leading me to the exit. Moments later, an elderly lady wants to leave the shelter, holding hands two chains collar, when called by the veterinarian.

"Madam, do not take the bitch? Bitch ... take it or not? "Veterinarian asks the old confused, so confused that came to adopt a dog, was" the act of adoption, "but had to leave without quadruped.

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