Thursday, 24 October 2013

Official sources: stray dogs not killed Ionut

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Official sources quoted by Antena 3 (which takes a story DCNews - Similar information appeared in other media) claim that Ionut Anghel's death was not caused by stray dogs bites are on private property located at about 1 km from Linden Park . According to sources quoted, DNA samples taken from the 6 stray dogs were not found when analyzes were performed on the body of the deceased child. drinkable news here .

What are they hiding from the IML

Very interesting (and suspect) was the reaction of the IML. The coroner who performed the autopsy on the deceased child, Abdo Salem, denied the information given by the sources quoted by several media. But beware expression Salem Abdo doctor: "We can not deny that his brother Ionut saw those little dramatic scenes attacked by several dogs." A statement that basically has no coverage medicalo Criminology, and based on the statements of a minor six years, in the first instance did not say anything about the area full of wild vegetation homle┼či abodes of his whereabouts on the day of the tragic incident.

Another statement of Dr. Salem is contrary to what they said on TV news posts IML other officials, two days after the event. Salem Abdo now says that " about sampling AND I do not know anything because I have not harvested it! ". But news channels, two days after the tragic event, INL officials have clearly stated that DNA evidence will receive the 6 dogs dental configuration and only after analysis, will give a report stating whether the death was caused by that dog bites . It seems that Dr. Abdo Salem forgot this detail.

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