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Application of the Law on the management of stray dogs is the subject of dispute between different NGOs and civic initiatives , some wanting solve the problem through euthanasia and other campaigning to encourage adoptions and delaying radical solution .

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An adviser to the minister and director Constantin Nita Hidroelectrica custody for 29 days 2:59 p.m.
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 The application of the law " strays " disputed by proponents of euthanasia and animal lovers.

The law has caused dispute (no. 258/2013 ) states, inter alia, within 14 working days the dogs are kept in shelters, after which , if they are not claimed or adopted , may be euthanized .

Those interested in how it could be applied normative act to express their views in the public debate on Wednesday at the headquarters of the National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority ( ANSVSA ) . This institution has launched a public debate on 11 October a draft detailed rules for the application of the law, those interested can send comments and suggestions on its edge.

Among those present at the meeting were representatives from ANSVSA Initiative for Civic Responsibility ( IREC ) community , Mothers for Mothers Association , , Association Pro Civilization 21st century who championed the adoption of Law no . 258/2013 , which they called " Ionut 's Law " , named after the child strays torn on 2 September in the capital.

On the other hand, came representatives of NGOs advocating for the protection of animals , and FOUR PAWS Association " doggy , doggy " Alliance for Combating Abuse, National Federation for the Protection of Animals , who were joined by former Senator Marius Marinescu initiator of Law 205/2004 on the protection of animals.

However , about 20 people with signs that had messages written against euthanasia stood in front of the ANSVSA , throughout the debate over two hours .

The discussion on the draft rules was moderate methodological ANSVSA President Vladimir Mănăstireanu , who sat with other representatives of the chair and deputy Liviu Harbuz , President of the College of Veterinarians , Viorel Andronie , and two local authorities : Tarita Culita Neamt County Council Vice President and deputy from Eduard forthe Vîrlan . The latter were invited to give an example of management models stray dogs after the experience of the communities they represent.

The main points of the rules on which the observations were made were: period of 14 days the dog took shelter on the street must be held before it can be put down , given that adoption can be made , access to housing, representatives NGOs and the actions of a veterinarian catching dogs .

Many participants in the debate , from both "sides " have demanded that both stray dogs register and register of stray dogs to be public and available online for anyone to check if an animal was abondonat and to whom belongs .

Supporters showed that adoptions baths for 14 days may be insufficient for an international adoption is required at least one month. And vice Neamt County Council said that this term should be at least 30 days , while the deputy forthe showed that municipality that is arranged in addition to shelter, additional space for adoptions , where dogs are kept longer if to be taken abroad.

" It does not seem normal for a dog to be kept more than 14 days old public money when starving and children 's allowance of £ 42 ," said another participant instead the debate , Alina Dinicu , which recommended as a " responsible citizen " that is part of IREC .

Under proposed amendments to the draft rules , IREC opposes adoptions "remote" ( which involve keeping the dog shelter adopter money , no) , arguing that there is no place in public shelters for 1 percent of the dogs in the streets , and distance adoptions will block housing activity .

In turn , Alina Predescu from , said he does not agree to spend the money for billboards promoting citizens adoptions .

"No I do not agree to kill dogs on my money. Had we ask all you want to do with our money I have to pay any tax ," he said instead Codruţ Feher , from Alliance to address abuses .

This , and other representatives of NGOs dealing with animal protection , said that adoptions should be able to do on the weekend.

If according to the draft rules , those who take a minimum of three dogs must have the approval of neighbors by neighbors understood that the adopter has at least one common wall , IREC believes this wording " restricted " , asking the neighbors to be defined as " residential premises owners or tenants of an apartment building or those living in the vicinity of the housing to be housed dogs ."

Regarding access to municipal shelters , those animal protection NGOs asked to be allowed to visit these places to photograph and film . " I went to take pictures Pallady dogs for adoption. They called police who deleted my photos and was fined ," said Roxana Achim , volunteer , adding that " there is a terrible mess ," and would like access to clean houses primăriri including time and money on them.

" A month ago I was at Pallady Prosecutor in control. Spotted including rabies vaccine expired two years. Someone I do not know if something happened ," he said Kuki Barbuceanu , project coordinator within FOUR PAWS .

On the other hand , the comments IREC the draft includes detailed rules that only visits the housing to be made for adoption , as a " continuous scrolling may cause tensions to staff and dogs ," and further " manufacture of false evidence risk of poisoning of dogs . "

Another disputed issue is the possibility that animal welfare NGOs to participate in the actions of catching dogs in the draft rules .

A representative of the Mothers for Mothers Association showed that these NGOs are used to notify animal lovers in the community to come pound to house the dogs in the house, but also to prevent the effectiveness of capturing action .

However, IREC opposes the presence of a veterinarian at capturing action , arguing that " hiring vets catching up costs " and they did not find where veterinarians many local governments .

Instead, the Alliance representative to address abuses revealed that physician presence is required , as can be assumed stunning, capturing the dog, substances that can be used as drugs .

Kuki Barbuceanu also proposed that euthanasia can assist a veterinarian employee of an NGO for animal welfare, as " there is no doubt that killing the dogs with a club ."

Deputy Alan Harbuz said at the end of the debate, there will be a list of about 100 veterinarians, proposed by the College of Veterinarians of which NGOs may designate representatives to attend euthanasia .

Euthanasia is by injection with barbiturates , excluding physical methods , said President of the College of Veterinarians , Viorel Andronie .

Meanwhile, president ANSVSA said that the expiry of 14 days , each dog was not claimed or adopted will be " discussed " and will be euthanized , " by individual decision ."

The decision for euthanasia of dogs that have not been claimed , adopted or maintained directly or remotely in the house , after the expiration of 14 days from their accommodation will be issued by the mayor's attorney by completing a form, provides draft rules methodology.

"We encourage local councils to keep dogs lifetime , if any budget. Encourage adoptions But mostly ," said Mănăstireanu .

The draft detailed rules for the application of Law no. 258/2013 will be adopted by government decision , expected to be completed and submitted to the Executive by the end of November , according to representatives ANSVSA .

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