Thursday, 24 October 2013

We're back where we started? Stray dogs on the block will be left alone

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We're back where we started ? Stray dogs on the block will be left pace capture and euthanize dogs around the block will be strictly banned under the ordinance methodological norms regarding stray dogs . The same rules exempt from annihilation and small stray dogs . The details of the order that requires euthanasia of stray dogs bring surprising news . The pound is not allowed to touch stray stray dogs on the block . Also, it will escape their snare and small stray dogs . According to the rules which will come into force in late November , capturing first place in the list of emergency is aggressive and the very aggressive dogs running loose around schools, kindergartens , children's playgrounds , parks and public markets . The following places are occupied by bitches chicken sitting in the same vulnerable areas , large and medium dogs , pregnant bitches , dogs traveling in packs in public places and those in outlying areas . Last in order of capture are puppies aged up to seven months. 

Dog food problem , solved Marius Marinescu , president of the Federation for the Protection of Animals and the Environment , says that the proposed management of the National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety nutrition ( ANSVSA ) a solution that will solve the problem of feeding the dogs in shelters . "Because mayors complained that food costs a lot , I asked Mr. Vladimir Mănăstireanu President ANSVSA , to give an order that all food goods in supermarkets and warehouses expiry limit be directed to shelter dogs. 'm over 1,600 tons of food is thrown away each year in Romania , and this quantity can keep the shelter a million stray dogs . throughout the country there are about 300,000 street dogs , if you euthanize those with incurable diseases , about 30% , there remain 200,000. President ANSVSA agreed proposal , but said it should also be taken in this regard and the European Union to obtain approval. currently , food expiration limit is incinerated and the operation costs 60 cents per kilogram . 's a big deal , there are some people interested in that, " said Marius Marinescu us . " They're Japanese , Greeks , Italians , Germans to adopt dogs in Romania , but the last formalities . Should be that the grace period before euthanasia to be six months, as it 's in everyone. " - MARIUS Marinescu , president of the Federation for the Protection of Animals and the Environment " I asked the President to take steps towards the ANSVSA the emergency number 112 , so that we too can claim the animals are abused and abandoned . " - MARIUS MARINESCU

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