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Bucov : Statements from the experienced Dog Killers of Romania.

One of the most notorious places in Romania is the Bucov shelter. This was described in the Huffington Post article here. Despite breaching every health and safety directive in the European Union book, they swan away pretending they are just following the law. In truth, Bucov kills dogs for a living. They have no conscience about it either. Instead of making it easier to adopt, they have raised the bar and made it impossible. See the article here. In this article they claim that there are only a few adopters. We wonder why. The fact is this shelter doesn't want dogs adopted. They want to cruelly end their fragile lives. All that money in their pockets after-all. Shameless creatures there.

RADICAL MEASURES TO SHELTER FROM BUCOV. Click on original link here. 

Published on: October 4, 2013by Roxana Tanase

After the entry into force of the law on the management of stray dogs, this week started to leak 14 days to take measures to euthanasia of stray dogs of Ploiesti and are gathered in the shelter of the Bucov.

According to the director Constantin Stere Memorial Park, Laura Moagher the law on the management of stray dogs came into force on Monday, when it started to leak and the 14 days after which the measure will apply euthanizing strays. "We will not go to euthanize all dogs, even if they pass the 14 days. We start with a selection of animals, and the sick. Wait until then and enforcement rules for managing stray dogs, "Laura told us Moagher, director Constantin Stere Memorial Park.

Currently, the shelter of the Bucov are 1,098 dogs, but their number increases daily due to the actions of collecting stray dogs on the streets. Unfortunately, we can not talk of an increase in the number of adoptions of quadrupeds. In the unfortunate event of Bucharest, only 28 people have applied to adopt dogs. In 23 of these cases have resulted in the adoption, but in two cases citizens have not shown to raise the dog, and the other two cases did not fulfill the conditions laid down, the proof space, income and neighbor agreement

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