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Cost of Killing Dogs.

HOW MUCH the euthanasia cost 

● Transport: 219 RON Excluding TVA per dog Lethal injection: 50 lei per dog

● Incineration: 2.3 lei per kilogram

● Total for a medium sized dog (about 15 kg) without TVA or other expenses such as transport to the incinerator: 304 lei.

● 60,000 dogs euthanasia: 18.24 million lei (over 4 million)

what else can be DONE for the stray(out of euthanasia) with 4 million euros ???

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"It was done engineering, dags sterilize all belong to anyone, no municipality", the former head ASPA

Basescu started the euthanasia of stray dogs Videanu forgot about it and left the dogs again Oprescu free

If in the 90s it was already exasperating problem of stray dogs in Bucharest between 2000 and 2005 the number had been drastically reduced through euthanasia and castration. In the past two years, the number of stray dogs began to grow again. Thus, after Traian Basescu made the decision to euthanize some dogs, when he was mayor and filled Videanu shelters and bought another one to Mihăileşti current Mayor Oprescu not put on the list priority problem of stray dogs.

Thus, in 2008 and so far not even arranged shelter Mihăileşti bought in 2007, sterilization was little and Oprescu tried to escape responsibility, passing the blame on the shoulders of NGOs.


Method fooled everyone

How did stray dogs ear tags and adopted back in the street, and who is to blame for the stray dogs on the streets were released in 2008 and so far? He started "solving" the problem of stray dogs by "engineering" staged by the Heads of Administration for Supervision and Protection of Animals (ASPA), an institution subordinated municipality.

Marcela Felt, president of the dog-dog, revealed: "In the second half of 2008, those from ASPA told us that they do not sterilize dogs unless we made ​​new. They made ​​the false statement signed by many NGOs, which appeared stray dogs that were sterilized, as adopted by us. In reality, they were brought back on the street at night with ASPA vans. It is a compromise that we've done what's right " .

Robert Lorenz, who led ASPA until last year, admitted that such was the case. "Yes, they were taken after they were neutered, back to where they were taken, ASPA cars: the streets, in parks. ASPA could not do returns on the street, and so it was engineering, all neutered dags belong to someone, no municipality , "said Lorentz. According to him, in recent years have also made ​​belt sterilization: thousands, perhaps tens of thousands.

£ 219 for a dog caught

The fact is that now ASPA pound hired to solve the problem of private capital. Three companies that have not had activity last year anything related to animals which had only 7 employees became overnight companies offering rendering services have special equipment, facilities and 33-pound, as the head of the ASPA.

Razvan BANCESCU vow to respect animal welfare rules and say that the priority now is collecting stray dogs around schools and parks.

The fact is that indolence mayor of the capital costs about 10 million: catching, keeping stray dogs in the shelter for 14 days and euthanize them, if we consider that none of the 65,000 dogs on the streets are not adopted.

Oprescu said had no money for shelters!

Immediately after the tragedy, Chief Capital mayor explained that he had no money to catch dogs and has done what she could: mass adoption, many quadrupeds reaching the street, and sterilization. Regarding building shelters say had no money. Administration budget for surveilling and protection of stray animals (ASPA) in 2009-2012 was about 3.1 million - that is exactly how much to give private pound now. Much of the money went on salaries and current expenditure.

ASPA mihailesti2_gm__0075

Dental assistants and management consultants make pound the Capital

Asked how the Framework Agreement have won three companies: Elen Basic Business, Best Marketing and Terra Marique, head of ASPA, Razvan BANCESCU (inset) replied: "What can I tell you? Complied with the tender documentation. What za tell you, I was on the committee that established the winners. " Outrageous is that the object of the three contractors are listed: Agents involved in the sale of furniture, household goods, hardware and ironmongery; dental care activities and activities of business and management consulting. BANCESCU claims that the three companies gathers dozens of dogs daily, but he has nowhere to take them all. So the chief mayor wants to convince the district to give adăpsturile they have.

ASPA mihailesti_gm__0105

Euthanasia has already begun?

Facebook page associations to help stray animals appear daily posts where people claim that ASPA has already put down, without a legal basis, clinging to trick the law that says it is allowed to kill incurably ill dogs. The reason? Shelter is not enough room.

Categories of expenditure, for the first 8 months of 2013

● Construction shelter Mihăileşti: 854.000 RON

● Sterilization private practice: 170.000 RON

● feed, medicines and medical supplies: 70.000 RON

● Wages 468.000 RON (47 employees / 8 months)

● Payroll expenses: 160.000 RON

● Utilities (electricity, gas, water): 162.000 RON

● Auto Fuels: 22.000 RON

● Auto Repair: 4.400 RON

● Mail, telecommunications, internet: about 40.000 RON

● Office rent: 20,000 EUR in the last year were sterilized 6512 dogs in shelters ASPA 3305 of 3207 Mihăileşti Pallady and partner in veterinary practices in the HCGMB no. 16/2010.

HOW MUCH euthanasia

● Transport: 219 RON Excluding VAT per dog Lethal injection: 50 lei per dog

● Incineration: 2.3 lei per kilogram

● Total for a medium sized dog (about 15 kg) without VAT or other expenses such as transport to the incinerator: 304 lei.

● 60,000 dogs euthanasia: 18.24 million lei (over 4 million)

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