Monday, 7 October 2013

Cesar Millan. The Dog Whisperer Weighs in.

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Scandal stray dogs euthanasia law in Romania has reached worldwide! As soon as he learned of the new law in Romania , the renowned trainer Cesar Millan responded and sent a message to stop the massacre.
The famous American trainer , Cesar Millan urges animal lovers to stop a law allowing euthanasia of stray dogs in Romania by signing a petition . He posted a message on the official Facebook page of his foundation which refers to a petition to stop the euthanasia of stray dogs . " On September 25 the Constitutional Court authorized the mass killing of stray dogs in Romania . Under the influence of this new law, the dogs will be held for 14 days in an overcrowded shelter , then , if adopted, will be killed. Strays and such problem can be managed in a way as reliable as well as humans. Show your support and take part in stopping the massacre in Romania , " said Millan .

In less than 10 hours after posting the message on the social network , Cesar Millan 's message was distributed on more than 450 times, and comments are not immediate. "Thousands of people in Germany do whatever I can to help these poor animals. Sending money and food in the country and adopt as many dogs as we can. Animals are killed in a horrific street right before he went into the shelters , not to take into account whether healthy chickens or dogs . I've seen photos that I will never forget the slaughtered animals in Romania , "says Christine from Germany , which is just one of the hundreds of posts already on Cesar Millan Foundation .

Germans , Austrians and Belgians have already made a habit of adopting stray dogs in Romania . For example , last year the shelter dogs of Cluj- Napoca City Hall , they adopted 380 dogs.

It is known that the U.S. is against euthanasia dog trainer and encourages continuously through his TV show and tournaments, adopt stray dogs . Cesar Millan even organized a rally in the U.S. to impressive proportions notes that euthanasia is not the right solution to stop the quadrupeds on the streets, but their adoption and sterilization .

Petition against euthanasia of stray dogs can and sign here .

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