Monday, 7 October 2013

Dog Rescue Shelter. Please donate/Support

There is an interview here with Dr Rudolf Hofman who runs Dog Rescue Shelter. You can visit them here.


Moderator talks about adoption, adoption by distance,   international adoption and then invite to see a material about DR ….. shows  the shelter and what happens there

An association came at the shelter on the International day of animals to help the dogs from Dor Recscue and also with food for the dogs.

First lady it’s from Wiskas 

She promotes campaign “Help an animal to find a family “,is the third consecutive year that she does that. She talks about the importance of animals to be well fed, that an well fed dog  improves physical condition, physical appearance and health and are more likely to be adopted!

Second lady it’s the President of GIA Association

She says that the animals are well cared  here,  are socialized , have medical treatment and all they need after that it is just to go to adoption. The cute little dog she keeps in her arms it’s called Sarah and she will be ready soon to go for adoption 

 Reporter :Good morning and nice to meet you Dr. I do understand that it is you who it is in charge with Dog Rescue , right ?

Dr. Yes, I’m the veterinary from Dog Rescue !

The project was done in partnership with the City Hall Sector three, two foundations, a dog training school and Veterinary Students' Association  and we want for the future to make an Emergency medical service for for stray dogs.

At the moment we take from the street dogs with medical problems and aggressive dogs. They are brought here, at Dog Rescue  were they are treated, fed and socialized and then prepared for adoption!

Reporter : Some of them left for adoption abroad !?

Dr. Promote adoptions on line is very beneficial and impotant.
Last week 12 dogs got adopted, yesterday another 4 of them , approx. 80 dogs got adopted abroad in the last three months !

Reporter : How did the initiative of the Association who came here today helped you?

Dr. They helped very much, They helped us to arrange medical office that we never had it before. We treat dogs at other veterinary practices before  and that cost us a lot so it helped us very much.
They also helped us prepare for the winter, we fenced the shelter with large posters , so dogs will be safe from the snow and blizzards in winter.

Yes, I do agree that the place of the dogs it is not on the street but with some  effort from all of us , and not necessarily from the authorities, I do belive that by adoption, and also adoption by distance we can save the life of the dogs because if the dog who got adopted no longer uses the money from the public budget there will  not be the need for him to be euthanized no more, so , the solution it is adoption !!

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