Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Furadan Poisoning?

More poisoning of dogs in this commune. People say that they find many dead dogs every morning. one villager says that in total over 100 dogs have been poisoned there...the poison has also been thrown IN people back yards and very many villagers have lost their dogs. 

Apparently some villagers know who the criminals might be...It happened in January 2013... Patulele comune Mehedinti county...They did ask to the police to start an investigation...People in the village are convinced, and even say on TV that the town hall did this...When the reported asks the mayor he said that it is the first time he heard about , he knows nothing, he heard nothing. People say that based on the symptoms and some pink stains on their muzzels it is FURADAN> The Policeman sad that the police and the rdepartment for firearm, explosives and toxic substances is also involved and that DVS will do the autopsy and published the report. Related link.

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