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Scandal in Romania

Over 3000 dogs were killed by the Mayor of Targoviste and their bodies buried illegally in a ravine. A testimony of a former employee is shocking because he says that those dogs died in excruciating pain as they were infected with paint thinner. Mrs. Maria Beck from FPAM who went there to investigate and press charges. He did not lie because he led the police to the places where the bodies were dumped

Translated from the original article here [ Via Google Translator]. 3,000 dogs killed and left on the shore 

9 November 2010, 7:07 

Municipality pound charges of a former colleague that for two years stray dogs were killed using paint thinner. 

According to the former city hall employee Dâmboviţa and Environment Garda investigation triggered , the animals were buried 10 kilometers from Targoviste . 

Stray dogs have become " public danger " in the streets of the city of Hunedoara. 

First fine shelter dogs massacred in Targoviste Municipality Ialomita river banks , near the village Aninoasa Dâmboviţa favorite of fishermen , the last two years has become the common grave of discarded carcasses thousands of dogs. The situation was revealed and subsequently field indicated by Viorel Moses , a former employee of the stray dogs in the City Hall Targoviste . The man chosen to reveal the "truth of the Evening " monstrous decisions of his superiors because , he claims , was dismissed refusing to participate in the massacre animals. 

Protected from Anina remaining few dogs " have been killed in the bunch " " over 3,000 stray dogs were massacred for two years, Targoviste municipality shelter , located 10 kilometers from the city , in the municipality Anina at the edge of a Thrush . Poor quadrupeds were collected by noose on city streets , brought Anina's paddocks and then killed , "said Moses. Former dog catcher added that , at first , the dogs are killed with paint thinner , injectable . Then to past at T61 , a substance lethal special . " never have healthy dogs sifted sick. were killed in pile ," said Viorel Moses , as we show pits where the corpses thrown.

Wherever you dig the whole perimeter of the river Ialomita to Anina , pop up dog bones . " The poison was injected engineers dealing with accommodation, Florina Pîrvescu , after which the bodies were loaded onto a truck and transported to the riverside clearings Zavoiului Ialomita , where they were thrown in a heap in mass graves dug manually or with escavatore " said former employee of the City . 

" We know , do not know and I do not think "Engineering Pîrvulescu refused to talk to reporters " True Night ", but the mayor of Targoviste wanted to clarify that nothing Moses says and shows is not true. "We know , do not know and do not believe what this man says irresponsible ! and the investigation it was discovered (on the Ialomiţei - no) I do not think that is the case , because our job is not is to dismantle it says one or the other , "he said yesterday , the mayor Targoviste , Gabriel Boriga . He acknowledged , however, that about two years ago , signed an order " perfectly legal " to the killing of all dogs in Targoviste : "It was rabies and Sanitary Veterinary imposed measures of catching and killing dogs in the affected area . do not know about each animal was about . 

" Viorel Moses looked , especially because , he says, the last massacre was consumed in October of this year, when 150 were killed by dogs. " When you rush, the little ones do not inject them . In the morning , I saw footprints, how they struggled to get out of the pit , "recalls the man . Municipality , as amended by the Environmental Guard dug mass grave at last escavatore in October, Ialomiţei grove on the bank , police arrived and a Commissioner of the Environment Guard Dâmboviţa . was issued a criminal case that research is and will be classified as a legal act to end the investigation. Dâmboviţa Environment Guard has already a fine of £ 2,000 for storage of bodies of Targoviste Municipality animals in inappropriate places , and chief Commissioner of the Garda , Mikhail drug, said local government and ordered to clean up the place . "I know you have received a fine from the Environmental Guard . If you come , then see what steps you take , "concluded Mayor Boriga . Today, carrion pit , announced their presence and inspectors from the Department of Public Health Dâmboviţa . " What's done is a crime in Targoviste "Vice President Association for Animal Protection " take me home," Mary Beck went to the pit where dogs were buried . " What's done is a crime in Targoviste . Fault not the animals that are on the street . Those who decided to do that would be to sit in jail , not leadership," said Maria Beck . Today, she will complain to the police and public health departments and health protection requirements. In addition , it will require international support animal protection associations . Head of the Sanitary -Veterinary Dâmboviţa , Dr. Sandu sheet, said , however, that has nothing to do, because " we control animal health ." " I do not know what killed them . Know is that when the episode was rabies did not come from the Protan , because they are insolvent. Happened now 4-5 months. Then I put down the T61 . respond if dogs and killed two weeks ago. 's their problem , "said Tolea . Until the authorities decide what to do , Dr. Adrian Călugăru , executive director of the Department of Public Health, explains that there is a risk of an outbreak area , because other animals may feed on corpses. " It should be thrown disinfectant , chlorine lime over the bodies ," said Călugăru .

The place where they dumped the dogs, the younger lady says that the puppies were buried alive...the older lady is Maria Beck, who explains the LAW...about animal protection, about the cremation of dead dogs, and about the expired food dumped there too...Maria Beck also said that they only put food and water for dogs when she got there but not in all enclosures....and this is how the money is spent...they capture 10 dogs, write on paper 100, get money from the budget for 100, then kill the dogs with whatever, put on paper T16, then pretend to send them to Protan but do not...while Protan pretends to cramate.

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