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How are the new owners of stray controlled?

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"From politics are, show us that you have your dog adopted." line that is heard on a Monday animal lovers, who took home the last two weeks strays. 

The authorities want to convince the quadrupeds have indeed a master and a roof and were not thrown and the street. On the other hand, the mayor of the capital again encouraged citizens to adopt animals. Some of those who have assumed that they would take care of a stray dog ​​were visited by authorities who want to make sure so it has not been abandoned. At one address, no trace of quadruped.

 Here, however, the explanation owner. "It's not here , but at what address? -I went to a shelter a few days ago. -At what date and at what shelter? -Now 4-5 days at a shelter on ... What no ? -I do not know what number. took a woman. 've given so without knowing where to go? -Well I went for a determined period, until I find a yard. " Law asks to prove that it's the truth. 

And as soon as possible, otherwise it's liable in the best case the fine of 1,000 to 2,500 lei, this not to say that abandonment is an offense. Proof of another home will be doing and the daughter of a woman who, too, says he adopted the dog moved from the apartment to the house. "-It's my face and lives elsewhere. , According engagement in the act of adoption address here. -Well yes, that here have documents -dog is at this address? -No, went to a yard. Puppy is a yard is good. , when it signed the adoption has taken some obligations. If we do not give all the information about dog will be punished. " Such controls will aim on the nearly 400 animal lovers who took a stray signature. 

If people regret the gesture, the law allows them to return the animal. Problems are inevitable. 

Here is what tells a lady who took a dog in the house. "How will she reconciled? -very bad. not want to go outside, I do not understand it.'s scared. " 790 dogs still waiting to receive your ticket to a new life. Adopsturile municipality, Pallady and Mihailesti are open every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

In parallel, Mayor Oprescu, mayor hires a campaign unprecedented gathering strays with a catch rate starting from 150 to 200 dogs per day. Oprescu wants at the same time as animal lovers to take at least half the dogs will be taken to the new accommodation. Source: Pro TV Subscribe to RSS Read more about: dogs , adoption , checks , strays , news on the same topic: Oprescu: "In a year and a half to get rid of stray Bucharest" Money making schemes on behalf of NGOs dogs. Dogtown's business Oprescu failure see more news. Oprescu wants at the same time as animal lovers to take at least half the dogs will be taken to the new accommodation. 

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