Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Law on the management of stray dogs

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Although the law on the management of stray dogs is already published in the Official Gazette, so it is basically in place, authorities can not apply as they do not provide rules for the application of the instruments. And if the government will finalize the document to the maximum term provided by law, stray dogs are not harmed by December.

Specifically, those who are supposed to handle the collection of the streets, the housing and then after 14 days euthanize strays who found their master can not get to work because the government has not yet issued norms that local authorities to tell them how to apply the law. Theoretically, employees at rendering could stand idly by even 60 days, the maximum period that the Executive's disposal by law to give free a law be implemented.

"These implementing rules of law no longer have a purpose, as long as a law is passed and promulgated by the President. Often, after these rules are given by the Government, we surprised to find that the law can not be applied, since the two laws contradict act. I think these implementing rules of law should be removed permanently from the Romanian legislation, "Liberal MP told us Aunt Diana (small photo), a lawyer by profession.

Ponta is for adoption and sterilization

Prime Minister Victor Ponta had throughout the scandal caused by strays law, a neutral and refrained from openly tell if he or euthanasia of stray dogs. Now, after the law was passed and promulgated - perhaps influenced by the fact that his wife, Daciana Sarbu MEP (small photo), a vehement fighter to save stray dogs - PSD leader made it clear he does not want to live in a country where are slaughtered stray dogs.

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