Friday, 11 October 2013

More Dog Poisonings.

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Massacre of stray dogs started in Drăgăşani! Poison left the city dried up in terrible pain of dozens of stray dogs life

Strangers were scattered through the city day food mixed with poison to liquidate much of stray dogs swarming the streets. After remaining bodies quadrupeds killed without mercy and a stifling odor of decay and death.

Drăgăşani is a small quiet town, a town where the wine heritage of autumn surrounding the city . quadrupeds topic stray so circulated in mainstream media now studded sice the second city of Valcea. However, a group of anonymous people dog killed dragasani massacre of stray dogs started in Drăgăşani!  Poison left the city dried up in terrible pain of dozens of stray dogs lifeseem to have found the solution. Spread the city food mixed with poison to lure and kill stray dogs one by one. So day dozens of bodies managed to attribute the smell of rotting some of the busiest streets of the city. The railway passing through the village on the north-south and connects forthe show them a picture of all bystanders hardly conceivable.

Some dogs "asleep" if they want to commit suicide . Confusion, in the middle of the road looking for an exit. If you approach them see the pain in their eyes, and you feel like burning them poison inside their eyes are cloudy and look like already in another world. Only the poison that slowly dries them, they still keep alive that still has not fully taken effect. On the road are several bodies of poisoned dogs, which probably will decompose in the same place that nobody cares. Forgotten the world and what surrounds us is not just ours, and especially that have to be split we want or do not want the other 30 million species. 

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