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Entrapment. Mockery of adoptions of dogs: Telverde Hall indicated links to pound entrepreneurs

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Mayor of Oprescu, announced since the end of last month that it will launch a public information campaign regarding the possibility of adopting stray dogs. Through this campaign, re all who want to adopt a dog can call freephone for animal adoption. But those who call the number indicated by the municipality for adoption get to speak, in fact, ASPA dispatchers that collects dogs from the streets of the capital. For adoptions they can not provide relief, as they told reporters B

City poster that urges you to adopt a stray

Reporters B called Friday around 14.00, at 0800 800 877, shown on the poster campaign to inform the population about the possibility of adopting stray dogs. But at the other end said an employee at ASPA dispatcher, who said that, in fact, to this phone number are referrals to collect dogs from the streets of the capital. "You have to call the shelter. They can give a dog adoption.'s Two shelters: one at Mihăileşti one Pallady Blvd. Them directly call them or go there personally newsletter. November (note - this number phone) receive notifications of places where dogs are strays. We send teams to pick up stray dogs stray. them go to the shelters and those in shelters who give the care they want. sounds the world adoptions only have you will go far. shelter from Mihăileşti is on, on Rd. Bucharest - Alexandria, and the Pallady Blvd is in Bucharest, "said the dispatcher ASPA employee when reporters B have call the free phone number 0800 800 877, a number that should be devoted to public information campaign about the possibility of adopting stray dogs.

Listen to this conversation between reporter B and the ASPA dispatcher who answered the phone number 0800 800 877 adoptions .

Mayor Oprescu said Friday it has initiated a campaign to inform the population about the possibility of adopting stray dogs . "We gather in the streets and encourage adoption. I started making and advertising to encourage people to come and take them," said Friday Oprescu. 

Posters showing adoption program from Supervision and Animal Protection Authority have already appeared in Bucharest.

Setting up the phone line free for adoption, 0800 800 877, was announced at the end of last month, the  mayor announced that in 18 months the Authority for the Supervision and Protection of Animals (ASPA) will collect 80% of dogs in the streets . At that time, the mayor's chief said that people who want to complain of packs, and any attacks the dangerous dog can call non-stop phone number 021.9844.

Despite campaigners, but polls show that  94% of Bucharest should NOT adopt a stray dog to get rid of euthanasia 

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