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Griviţa, Update on the mutilated dog.

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The block, people were saying little girl, but after being mutilated and left without a bot Bucharest, a dog got a new chance and a new name: Griviţa. Although he experienced a shock, a dog is now out of danger and has been moved to a house near the capital. Griviţa managed in a very short time to stir up a wave of sympathy, especially among foreigners, who will now take. Those who have been touched by her story and they want to adopt from all over the world, from Hungary to New York

After being crippled by a Bucharest, Spot became a star among animal lovers especially those from abroad, which will now take. Anca Tomescu veterinarian from FOUR PAWS, said he received hundreds of e-mails from strangers from all over the world, especially in Western Europe, from Hungary to Germany, the UK and even the U.S. from New York. " We have received requests for adoption all over the world, including New York. sitting and thinking that if we decide to give up for adoption, because it is better for her, it's clear that everyone will ask what will happen to her and will come inevitably answer: a Romanian gave him something in his head, that we will be laughing again internationally. Lets see how long it takes and the second surgery, how long postoperative period. anyway if we decide to give in adoption need to be very careful who we give because it is a dog that needs special attention, daily care, grooming place.'s a dog not look good aesthetically so who takes the measure must know what is harnessed. Anyway, there is no question of adoption this year. toyed with the idea just to take it. follow to see what my daughter says that he saw the picture and shocked because he does not understand how someone could do such a thing , "he said Thursday veterinarian Anca Tomescu of FOUR PAWS.

Read and who mutilated her nose puppy cut: Criminal Complaint made to Police 

Before being mutilated, Griviţa stood beside a block from the Gare du Nord and was nourished by that building occupants. " It was the dog block. was fed, cared. A call girl. Griviţa We named it because I took the path Griviţei. called us out of a lady who accidentally crossed the street and heard her crying . I sent a crew and my colleagues called me to tell me they are shocked. bitch was there and it was gentle. they went with tranquilizer and everything needed to immobilize it, but it was not the case . then I talked to the block. Everyone knew. The day I put her picture on Facebook, contacted me a lady from the block and told me that Griviţa used to sleep under a balcony of the block but disappeared and appeared after a week like this. When my colleagues found it was full of dried blood everywhere, it was very flammable and weeping infected area.'s a good dog, a gentle dog.'s very easy to give him one if you want.'s not an aggressive dog, a dog is not scared. dogs good and gentle with people will be subjected to such cruelty. trusting we certainly do not expect to receive a lever in the head or in the mouth , "said Anca Tomescu.

Thursday, puppy was transported by FOUR PAWS shelter in Popeşti Leordeni Hope, where she took up her new yellow house, located in a special reserve. According to representatives of FOUR PAWS Catelu Griviţa age is between 4 and 6 years.

"Despite the trauma and the severity of the case, Spot has a good tone, and the state of her health is satisfactory. Maybe eat wet food only comes in fawn comforted when called. FOUR PAWS thanks to everyone for the interest and involvement in the case, but stated that the animal will be adopted only after being fully restored after surgery and following a decision by veterinarians who handled the case ", said representatives FOUR PAWS in a press release issued B

A new complex operation for puppy mutilated

A week Griviţa control will return to and two weeks following a second operation. The second operation, which will be quite complicated, it could be made to help Griviţa not to breathe through your mouth. " In one week, maximum two, we try closing the nasal cavity through the skin over the nose union to make contact with the mouth and nasal opening two holes.'s in a situation somewhat happy because there is a remnant of nasal concha allowing perhaps air filtration, provided that we open slots above the nose to function properly. If successful intervention, it will also be able to breathe without significant risk of aspiration of debris.'s possible that in two to three months to finish all surgeries that you will suffer puppy that is currently planned another intervention will focus on the airways in the nose. mouth it no longer requires special intervention. Uses highly mandible, tongue and in a week or two will start to chew with confidence, because he had a major fracture is stabilized now, but bone healing takes. then the question of the nostrils plasty. shall be opened nostrils above the to have access to air that does not interfere with the oral nasal cavity to separate the oral cavity. It will remain short muzzle, there is no question to fit a prosthesis or to reconstruct, but will be autonomous. would not be open to complications or special risks, so you have the opportunity to live cvasinormal, just look unusual to onlookers. winter should not be exposed to frost, but anyway, it's better than I feared. If you have nasal concha pulling cool air directly on the trachea directly, but it is not. has a smattering of nasal concha that allow heating and humidification provided that the air entering the holes, however, will be limited and openings are trying to open in a completely different area, not below but above, perhaps between the eyes , "said veterinarian Dr. Alan Jay from Ortovet, who operated on Griviţa and further treated, over time, and other stray dogs.

The veterinarian said that lately, the cabinet came many animals shot. " When you come to us are full of grit.'m also filed a police record is investigating, but it's hard after a shot you can not identify the shooter. Secondly, there are many traffic accidents which tells that are intentionally generated, small streets, where there is high traffic. beaten there and animals. often can not tell where they are, but also meet and cases. cats are traumatized by man.'m taken by the tail and slammed into the wall or hit with various objects. Some survive, some do not. trauma and dogs there and cut dogs strangled and presented as such, and yet survive. When such actions are initiated violence, often killing reach, rarely survive the to go to the doctor ", the doctor said Jay.

And Anca Tomescu stated that since the tragedy occurred Ionut Anghel, due to the large wave of hatred against animals, the number of phones on animal cruelty cases increased significantly. Thus, from one - two cases mutilated dogs per month, it receives and 10 now calls a day.

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